Types Of Businesses You Can Start While Keeping Your Job

start_up_businesses_and_their_obstaclesSmall businesses have long been an important aspect of the economy. Approximately 30% of the American workforce either owns or is employed by a small business.

If you think you are ready to become an entrepreneur there are lots of opportunities. If you are currently employed you can still start your own business while continuing your current job. This can be a wise move since you will continue to have a steady income until your own business can generate income for you.

One type business you might consider is that of a blogger. If you have a topic that is of interest to others, and if you have a knack for writing, blogging can be a good fit for you. After you have established a good size regular group of followers you can go after marketers to advertise on your site. You might also expand into personal consulting or e books to generate even more income.

A web designer will help companies compete in the marketplace. If you are good at designing web sites that stand out and generate more income for the company your services will be in demand.

If you scored high on your SAT or ACT you can generate income be tutoring high school students in preparation for their tests. The student’s parents are willing to pay for assistance to help the student attain the grades necessary to attend a good college.

College tutor with studentIf you are into making handmade items you might consider a store at Etsy. Etsy has a good following and can give your product great exposure. Etsy products generally appeal to women.

Another site you might consider opening a store is EBay. You can either set up a store on EBay or simply sell items on their site. EBay has a large following of buyers who are interested in a wide variety of merchandise.

If you are knowledgeable on a particular subject you may want to consider writing e books. You might develop a course of study for your particular subject. You want to make your book appealing and reasonably priced.

Being the host of a podcast can generate income for you. You want to find the right topic and then built an audience. You need to be sure the topic and information you are discussing will appeal to a large audience so you generate high ratings. Once you have a good rating and many viewers you can generate income by allowing relevant companies to advertise on your site.

If you are a good graphic designer you can generate income through freelance graphic designing. Companies are looking for those who can create high quality design work.

A contract web developer can generate good income. Companies need web developers to help fix bugs, integrate new features and upgrade the functioning of the site.

There are just some ideas of businesses you can start while still maintaining your present employment.