Use Dating Strategies Or Be Yourself

You have probably heard all about the dating techniques which have been studied and developed over the past few years.  These dating strategies have been developed to be used by both men and women.  The people who created these techniques swear they will work for you.  They say that if you follow their dating techniques you will be able to land the person you truly want. They say you can attract and date your dream person sooner than you can imagine possible.

The dating techniques may work up to a point.  The techniques may help you land the dream person, but in order to continue the relationship do you need to continue to use the dating techniques?

The dating techniques have been formulated to allow you to attract the person who is of interest to you.  Your own true personality is not shown with most of these dating techniques.  The techniques may be successful in attracting that special person, but they are fake.  They do not allow the person you truly are shine through.

When you win someone using these dating techniques will he still be interested in you when he discovers that you are not who he thought you were?  Another way to look at it, are you really interested in someone who falls for the dating techniques?  Do you want to date someone who is not smart enough to discern you are using dating techniques and not showing the person you really are?  Don’t you think it might be better to have someone in your life who is too smart to fall for dating techniques?

When you are looking for someone to date or even for someone with whom to have a relationship if you are simply yourself this person will get to truly know who you are.  You will not be playing games and you will not be hiding something from the other person.  When you are your true self you can start on an even playing field.  You can relax with the relationship.  You will not have to try and remember what lies you have told and can just be yourself.

Of course, if you are looking for someone to date or to have a relationship you will need to follow some normal practices.  If you are someone who does not pay attention to hygiene it is time to clean up your act.  No one is going to be interested in dating someone who does not bath regularly, brush the teeth or use deodorant.  These are practices most people follow daily.  If you do not regularly follow good hygiene practices and just clean up your act to land that other person forget it.  If you relapse into a slob your special someone will not hang around and he certainly will not want to introduce you to his family and friends.

When you are out looking for that special someone think seriously about these things.  You do not have to make a choice between using the dating techniques and just being yourself.  Instead, there is another option.  Try incorporating some dating techniques and mixing the techniques in with your true personality.  This may actually be the best way to help you attract that special someone.