Use Networking To Boost Your Online Business

In order to increase your online business you need to engage in some networking.  You can realize the rewards from networking without engaging in face to face schmoozing sessions.  At these sessions you are trying to pitch your services to a bunch of strangers who are trying to do the same thing to you.  Some people enjoy this kind of networking.  Other people dread it.

There are ways you can promote your online business without engaging in the schmoozing.

Instead of going to networking sessions in person you can engage in virtual networking.  Since this is done online you won’t have to meet face to face with a bunch of strangers.  With virtual networking, you can create contact lists and join online communities made up of people from all over the world.

If you are asked to answer a survey on something that is of interest to you then go ahead and do it.  If they are selling something you can use and want, then go ahead and buy it.  Become someone they know and feel comfortable with.  Then when they need your type of service they are apt to come to you.

Participate in online discussion groups which potential clients may use.  Before you start contributing make sure you are on point.  You do not want to contribute something that is not relevant and scare off any potential customers.  Do not try to sell your services, but instead give advice freely.  If it is allowed include a link to your website.  Once those in the discussion group get to know, like and trust you they will think of you when they want to purchase your type of services.

Do not keep your business services a secret from your family and friends.  Let them know that you enjoy your online business and that you are earning money from it.

Your family and friends may not need your services, but once the seed is planted in their mind they may know someone else who is looking for the services you provide.  They can steer business your way.  Most people have connections with a couple hundred people and some of the people your family and friends know can be potential customers for you, If you don’t let your friends and family know about your online business you can be missing out on customers.

Display your talents by writing articles and submitting them to online article directories.  You might want to write an e-book.  Set up your own website and let the world know about your skills and knowledge.  You can become known as an expert in your field and others will want to use your services.  Be sure you include contact information

Attend the types of workshops, seminars, meetings or conferences where your target customers will be present.  Here you will have many opportunities to engage in conversations with people you want to meet.  Just be friendly, participate in discussions, answer questions and be yourself.  You do not have to pitch your services or schmooze.  You can build relationships with potential customers at these types of events.

Remember that networking is the secret for success for business people.  You can be successful at networking too even if you do not go out and schmooze.