Using A Baking Stone


If you are baking pizza or bread or even cookies or pretzels you may find using a baking stone is a great way to bake a crispy crust. You may also want to use your baking stone to cook meat. Since the entire surface of the baking stone heats this even heat allows food to cook with less scorching or burning.

In fact, once you try using a baking stone you may find it one of the most useful items in your kitchen.

Baking stones can be either square or round. For home use they are usually ½ to ¾ inches thick. The baking stone is made from either unglazed quarry tile, stone or ceramic.

Since they are often used for baking pizza a baking stone is sometimes called a pizza stone.

When you purchase your baking stone the first thing you want to do is soak it in some water to get rid of any dust and then dry the stone. You can dry the stone by placing it into a cold oven and then turning the oven on for about ½ hour to dry the stone. Leave the stone in the oven after it has been turned off to allow the stone to cool gradually. Rapid changed in temperature may cause the baking stone to crack.

You never want to use soap on a baking stone since it is porous and the soap will become trapped in the stone and it will no ruined.


Some people like to sprinkle corn meal, bread crumbs or rice flour on the baking stone to help prevent food from sticking. You can place your food on the cold baking stone and then place it into the oven before you turn the oven on. For best results you may want to heat the stone first and then put the food on the hot stone to cook. It will not work very well to try and place pizza on a hot stone.

Since the baking stone is porous any liquid is going to go into the stone and cause it to darken. This is normal and improves the baking properties of the stone.

After using the baking stone let it cool down and then soak the cooled stone in plain hot water (do not use soap). Use a plastic scraper to remove any food left on the stone. You may also use a wire brush to remove any food before placing the stone in the water.

Before your store your baking stone be sure it is dry. If you store it in a cabinet wrap the baking stone in towels so it does not scratch the cabinet.

You can store your baking stone in your oven. In fact, it will help maintain the oven’s temperature if you are opening and closing the oven door during the cooking period.

If you store your baking stone in the oven be sure to remove it before self cleaning the oven.

You never want to use a baking stone under a broiler or over a direct flame.