Vomiting In Dogs


When a dog vomits it may mean nothing except that he has gobbled down some food too fast or has eaten something which does not agree with him.  On the other hand, a dog vomiting may signal a serious health problem.  A dog vomiting  once in awhile is probably not cause for alarm.  If the dog is vomiting frequently or on a regular basis or for a prolonged period of time then you need to find the cause of the problem and have it treated.

Serious causes of vomiting in dogs may signal the swallowing of some toxic substance or perhaps the dog has swallowed a toy or other foreign object.  Vomiting may also be a sign of a serious disease such as kidney failure, intestinal parasites, liver disease, cancer, etc.

When a dog is having a serious problem with vomiting you need to visit the veterinarian as soon as possible,  There the vet will do a thorough examination which may include various diagnostic tests and blood work.  Be sure to tell your vet if there have been changes in your dog’s appetite, if he has lost weight, if there has been blood in the vomit, if he has diarrhea or if he has had a change in urination.  Your veterinarian will give you a course of treatment to follow.


If your dog is vomiting once in awhile and he does not appear to be in distress it may not be cause for alarm.  In this case try taking food away for about a day and a half.  Instead give him a little water or allow him to have a couple ice cubes to lick.  After about 12 hours give him fresh water and try a little bland food.  If he has no problem eating and retaining the food you can give a little more food every hour or so.  If there are no problems then go back to your normal feeding schedule.

When a dog feel nauseous he may swallow excessively, lick his lips and drool.  The dog may eat grass to try and relieve the nausea.

To avoid causing stomach distress do not change your dog’s food all at one time.  If you are going to change his food do it gradually to be sure a new food does not cause stomach problems.  Be careful the toys your dog enjoys are not small enough to swallow and cannot be chewed and the pieces swallowed.  Watch to be sure your dog does not invade and eat from garbage cans or eat harmful substances he might find outdoors.