Ways To Reduce The Bags And Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

No one likes to see dark circles and/or bags under their eyes.  It makes you look tired and much older.  There are many factors which may contribute to the problem of bags and dark circles under the eyes.   If you are suffering from lack of sleep or you are experiencing too much stress you may suffer from dark circles or bags under the eyes.  Other factors which may cause bags under the eyes or dark circles can include illness, poor eating habits, overworked eye strain, and not enough protection from exposure to the sun.  Any and all of these factors may contribute to dark circles and bags under the eyes.

The thinnest skin on your face is the skin under your eyes.  For this reason, it’s natural for the stress of a hectic lifestyle to show under the eyes first.  The capillaries under the eyes cause the blood to flow loosely and this can cause the darkness under your eyes.  In many cases the bags follow thereafter.

It is possible to keep the skin under your eyes looking healthy.  Getting plenty of rest will help keep your eyes and the skin around them healthy.  Excess reading or computer use can cause eye strain.   Giving your eyes a rest from over use every day will help eliminate eyestrain and the darkening of the skin under the eyes.

Eating a healthy diet is something else you can do to keep the dark circles and bags away.  It’s a known fact that our bodies need enough water each day to stay hydrated.  Drinking enough fluid daily will keep your skin hydrated and not dried out.  The fluids also will flush out the toxins in your body.  If you include foods with high vitamin content in your diet it will help give your skin a normal healthy glow, and with time, will help avoid the ugly dark circles and bags under the eyes.  It’s best to keep alcohol to a minimum since consuming alcohol has a tendency to dry out the skin and give your eyes that overall tired look.

There are a few home remedies you can try to reduce or eliminate your dark circles and under eye bags.  Try placing cold wet tea bags or thin slices of cold cucumbers on your eyelids.  Keep them in place while you rest your eyes for a few minutes.  A mask of cold water or gel is also a good treatment for tired eyes.  There are professional face creams made specifically to relive the look of tiredness under your eyes.  Follow the directions for use of these products.  Avoid tugging and pulling or rubbing excessively around your eyes.  This can cause stress on the skin and cause bags to appear.

Regardless of what remedy you try, living a well-rounded lifestyle with as little stress as possible, eating a healthy diet, getting enough rest, and taking proper of your skin will help keep those dark circles and bags under the eyes at a minimum.