What All Women Should Know About Hair Extensions


Perhaps your hair is too thin or perhaps it is too short or perhaps you just want to change your appearance.  Adding hair extensions may be the answer to your problem.  By using hair extensions you can make a change in your hairstyle or color without subjecting your natural hair to the harsh effects of chemicals.

There are several ways hair extensions can be attached.  You can use the clip on or tape on extensions which are only meant to last for one day.  A clip on extension usually averages around eight strips of hair of varying lengths.  You start placing the clip on extensions at the nape of the neck and then continue applying the hair extensions until they are all in place.  This type hair extension lasts the least amount of time.  You do not sleep in the clip on extensions.  Some people use these clip on extensions daily while others use them only for special events.  This is the type hair extension used most often by those who are attaching the hair extensions themselves.

Other methods for hair extensions include attaching the extension using a keratin bonding process which is donee using a heated applicator to attach strands of hair that have been dipped in keratin.  This process will take several hours to complete and should be done by a professional.  It will last a few months before the extensions need to be repositioned.  You can wash your hair and use regular hair products with this method.


Some people have the hair extension woven into their natural hair.  The natural hair is first braided and then the extensions can be sewn into the braids.

If you are planning to use hair extensions more permanent than the clip on or tape on styles it is best to discuss it with a stylist to further explore the options available.

Hair extensions are made either from human hair, synthetic hair or a combination of the two.  There are varying qualities of the hair either human or synthetic.

If you usually wash your hair often you probably want to use human hair.  The quality of the hair directly affects the cost of the hair extensions.

Whether or not adding hair extensions will harm your natural hair can depend on the method that is used.

When it comes to caring for your hair extension there are brushes and combs designed to be used with hair extensions.

Having hair extensions professionally added to your natural hair is a time consuming process.  Adding the amount of time and skill involved together with the cost of purchasing the individual hair extensions means the addition of  hair extensions will cost upward of several hundred dollars.

Your stylist will be able to instruct you in the proper maintenance and care for your hair extensions.