What Are Some Of The Best Tax Software Solutions?


If you are looking for the easiest most convenient software to use when doing your taxes Turbo Tax is probably the answer.

Turbo Tax asks you many of the same questions a tax preparer would ask and so you can be pretty confident you have covered all the bases after you have completed your tax return. Turbo Tax will help you locate deductions to which you are entitled. It will let you know whether or not your return will be at high risk for an audit.

Turbo Tax may not be the cheapest software available but it is well worth the price if you need to file anything other than the simplest return. If you only need to file the simplest return you may be able to file your federal tax for free using Turbo Tax.

If you are a professional tax filer you may want to use Turbo Tax which can easily handle complicated returns.


The tax software package from H&R Block has many tools to help if you have more complicated tax needs then just a simple return. This software may not be the easiest one to understand. However, it is the only tax software program which has personalized support from its many offices if you need it. The software will help you find whatever deductions you can legally claim. There are links on each page to help you find answers to questions you may have. If you have a tax situation which includes a small business you may want to try H&R Block.

If you have a very simple return or are very familiar with tax filing requirements you may want to use FreeTaxUSA which is much cheaper than either Turbo Tax of H&R Block. FreeTaxUSA will not ask questions as TurboTax will or offer in office support as H&R Block will. Instead FreeTaxUSA relies on you filling out the proper numbers on the proper lines.

If you are trying a tax software package for the first time Turbo Tax is probably the easiest reliable software to use.

If you only need to file a very simple return and are using tax software for the first time try the Turbo Tax Free Edition.

If you are not sure you can handle your tax situation by using a tax software program and filing your own taxes then by all means use the services of a professional tax preparer who can prepare and file the tax return for you.