What Are Some Of The More Interesting Predictors Of Longevity?

People who are optimistic and are content with their lives may live longer than those who are pessimistic.

Finding joy and excitement in life usually makes you less likely to develop serious illness such as high blood pressure or diabetes.  Happy people are also less likely to smoke which we all know is detrimental to health.

When you are optimistic you may have a lower risk of developing coronary heart disease.  You may have a stronger immune system too.

Those people who are not optimistic or happy, but are hostile and cynical may have increased incidents of health problems.

Your hand grip may be a predictor of longevity. Those who have a firm solid grip are apt to live longer than those with a soft, limp, weak hand grip.

Those people who have a natural fast walking pace may live longer then those who naturally walk slowly.  Consciously speeding up your walking pace is not a predictor of longevity.  In order to predict longevity the walking pace needs to be your natural walking speed.  It is not a good sign if your walking pace suddenly decreases.

When you have a purpose in your life it helps you live longer.  Even if you are stressed from a job or project, having a purpose for your life is beneficial.

Intelligent people (those with a higher IQ) are apt to live longer.  This may be because they are likely to live a healthy lifestyle.  They are more apt to pay attention to the foods they consume and engage in some physical activity.  They are likely to be diligent in having health screenings in a timely fashion.

The length of a finger may be a predictor of longevity.  Men who were older than 60 with an index finger longer than their ring finger were about 30% less likely to develop prostate cancer.  For younger men the percentage was even better.  Younger men had a reduction in the risk of developing prostate cancer of over 80%.

In a medical school study it was determined that men who lost their hair and were completely bald at the crown were at a greater risk for heart disease then men with a full head of hair.

When your body has lean muscle mass your body will be better able to withstand the trauma from surgery or falls or burns.  The more muscle mass you have the less problem you will encounter  if there is a need for bed rest or inactivity that can contribute to the loss of some of your muscle mass.

There are some factors in your life that you cannot change.  However, you can help yourself to live a more productive, healthy, longer life if you regularly exercise, eat a healthy diet and develop a purpose for your life.  Interacting with other people is important for quality of life.  Perhaps a pet can bring happiness to your life. Get out and participate in activities and learn to enjoy your life.