What Are Some Of The Sources Of Inflammation In Humans?

inflammation pic

The human body has a natural response to something foreign invading the body’s systems. This defense is known as inflammation. The body is attacking the foreign invader in an attempt to get rid of it.

There are many factors which can trigger an inflammatory response in the body.

Everyone recognizes an inflammatory response to an injury such as a sprain. The inflammation is in a particular area – localized. The injured limb becomes red and swollen and painful. The body is trying to heal the injury by sending blood to warm the injury and fluids to help with the healing process. The pain caused by the injury will hopefully warn you to avoid using the limb in order to allow the injury to heal. This type of inflammation is an acute inflammation which comes on and lasts for a short time.

Inflammation to the human body can be caused by things other than an injury or accident. Long term inflammation is known as chronic inflammation. Some forms of chronic inflammation may include arthritis, or most inflammation problems ending in itis,

insulin resistance, heart disease, depression, autoimmune diseases, and obesity may all be linked to inflammations.

Things such as stress, lack of sleep, inactivity or lack of exercise, unhealthy eating habits, pollution, and smoking can all lead to chronic inflammation.

When you have chronic inflammation it is possible to have chronic pain. You have control over some triggers for chronic inflammation. If you are a smoker you need to stop.


Learn to incorporate some exercise in your daily routine.

Get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature with its peaceful atmosphere.

Take some time away from the stress of your job and the computer to relax and recharge your inner batteries.

Develop a system which allows you to better handle the stresses that come into every life.

Adjust your diet so you avoid the foods which cause inflammation while enjoying the foods which help reduce inflammation.

Foods which contribute to inflammation include processed foods as well as refined starches and sugar. Avoid these foods as much as possible, When you eat refined carbohydrates it causes your blood sugar to rise and when the insulin levels are high the body responds with a pro inflammatory response.

Other foods which may contribute to inflammation may include dairy products, red meat, foods high in trans fats, some vegetable oils, some grains and foods containing food coloring and chemicals and possibly peanuts. Try eliminating one food at a time to see how your body responds.

An anti-inflammatory diet includes plenty of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, lean protein such as chicken and fish or walnuts to provide omega 3 fatty acids.

There are some spices which may lessen the pain of inflammatory problems like arthritis. Some people find turmeric or ginger may reduce the joint pain.

When you maintain a healthy weight this can help with the pain from inflammation.

If you suffer with chronic inflammation try to get adequate sleep, adequate exercise, stop smoking, learn to handle stress better and eliminate foods which add to your inflammation problems.