What Are The Benefits Of A Backyard Koi Pond

1c470e904e76e6a38a92af98f8ccfefcHaving a koi pond in your yard can bring several benefits to you.  In addition to enhancing the beauty and value of your landscape a koi pond may offer some benefit to your health.

Life can be very hectic and stressful.  Relaxing beside your koi pond and watching the beautiful koi swimming around is very calming and restful.  Unwinding in the calm atmosphere of your koi pond is an excellent way to relax and reduce or eliminate stress.

Enjoying some peaceful time watching the koi has been known to help those suffering from high blood pressure, anxiety disorder and some heart conditions.  This quiet time allows you to get in touch with your inner self.  Doctors have noticed some beneficial effects the koi pond has on some patients health.

A koi pond adds a focal point to your property.  It can increase the marketability of your real estate.  When you plan to sell your residence the koi pond can be an attractive selling feature.  The koi pond also may increase the value of your property.

Koi ponds can be great additions to any garden party.  Guests tend to love them and naturally congregate in the vicinity of the pond.

pond1Originally the koi were developed many years ago in China as food.  They are a hearty fish and very adaptable.  The koi come in bright patterns and colors.  Some koi will grow a few feet long.

A koi pond is not very difficult to maintain.  You will need a pump and filter to keep the water clean.  In very cold areas you may need a heater during the winter.  You will want some plants in your pond so the koi have somewhere to hide from danger.

Food for the koi is available at garden supply stores and stores which feature pond supplies.  The koi will eat a variety of foods.  Their food floats on the top of the water so you can enjoy watching them eat.

Some koi grow to recognize the person who regularly feeds them and will come to greet that person.  The koi have been known to even take food directly from the hand of the person they trust.

It is possible to create your own koi pond if you are handy and talented.  However, it may be better to employ the services of a professional to construct your koi pond.  They have experience and will be able to advise you on the size, shape and location that will best suit your property.

An established koi pond will give you years of calming beauty and enjoyment and will not require a great deal of effort to keep it healthy, thriving  and beautiful.