What Are The Disadvantages Of Commuting?


Commuting to work puts a huge strain on our overall lives and may adversely impact our health, happiness and relationships. Not to mention the fact that commuting can be expensive.

Whether you are driving or commuting on public transportation you are going to be spending time and money. Public transportation costs vary depending on distance and type of transportation. When commuting by car you have the expense of fuel, maintenance, possible tolls, higher insurance premiums, etc.

In addition to the cost of commuting you have the stress. Every day in the morning and again at night you need to get in your car and battle the traffic for miles. You need to handle the stress caused by other drivers who cut in and out or are on phones and drifting into your lane. Since most people are commuting in a car alone you have no one to talk with the pass the time.

If you are using public transportation you need to wait for departure and hope you will have an on time arrival and a trip that is pleasant and not disturbed by anything unpleasant. Commuting takes away time you might otherwise use to get in some exercise or to prepare a decent meal for you and the family. Commuting often means you have to leave home very early and return later in the evening so you miss out on time with friends and family.

When you know you have a fairly lengthy commute home you are probably hesitate to remain near the office to have dinner and socialize with co-workers.


It is not unusual for someone to commute anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour each way for work. Some long term commuters may even spend much longer on their daily commute.

When you are contemplating on Sunday the fact that your work commute for the coming week will begin in the morning you start becoming stressed just thinking about it.

When you need to get up early to commute you should go to bed early enough to get adequate sleep. But, when you get home later from work each day and need time to unwind it is hard to relax and go to bed early enough to get proper rest.

Relationships suffer when one partner has a long commute and is away from home more. Then the bulk of the household responsibilities fall to the partner who is already at home.

Those who commute are prone to gain weight from lack of exercise and eating a less than healthy diet. They are more prone to high blood pressure, depression, a feeling of loneliness and trouble with sleeping..

Most people do have to commute for work. If you are finding the commute too stressful and the toll on your health and happiness too great perhaps you need to look for other possibilities. Perhaps you can telecommute several days a week. Perhaps you can adjust your schedule so you arrive and leave at off hours and avoid some rush hour driving. Perhaps you can car pool so you only have to drive one or two days a week.

You need to see if you can find some way to lessen the harmful effects of commuting on your life and health.