What Are The Reasons People Go To Couples Counseling?


Couples seek the services of a therapist for counseling for any number of reasons. Their relationship may have deteriorated totally or they may be having some problems with just one or two aspects of the relationship. Counseling is an excellent way to try and work out problems and repair the close relationship the couple enjoyed at one time in the past.

Some reasons why couples seek counseling include the loss of the ability for the couple to communicate. It may include the feelings that the relationship is now lacking in love. It may be that there has been a loss of the affection the couple displays toward each other.

It may be the feeling that one partner no longer understands the needs and/or goals of the other partner. Or it may be they no longer have any shared goals.

You and your partner may have different ideas on how to parent the children.

You no longer have any respect for the opinion of your partner.

You and your partner are unhappy associating with each others family.   Whenever there is a disagreement you side with your family and your partner sides with his/her family.

You and your partner no longer feel any physical attraction for each other. You may still be going through the motions, but you feel no joy in your intimacy.

You and/or your partner no longer have any respect for the opinion of the other party to the relationship.

Perhaps you have different ideas on how finances should be handled. Perhaps one is a spender and one is a saver.


Perhaps there has been an illness or some other trauma that affects your relationship and is drawing you apart instead of drawing you closer.

Maybe you are having problems balancing your work life with your household responsibilities.

Perhaps the two of you have nothing to talk about anymore except the children.

Maybe the two of you no longer have any idea nor do you particularly care what the other person is thinking, feeling or dreaming of for the future.

There may be times when you feel you still really love your partner, but you also feel something is missing in your relationship.

If these issues are allowed to continue they will grow into more discontent and may cause irreparable damage to the relationship.

Most couples allow problems to develop over a period of years before they realize they need help.

When you are having problems in your relationship consulting with a therapist can be what you need to help get your relationship back on track. The two of you working together with the therapist to achieve your goal of a better relationship demonstrates that you both want to rectify the problems and make the relationship solid, stable, satisfying and loving again.