What is Colon Cleansing and Does it Work?


A colon cleansing is needed as preparation for some medical procedures and is required by your medical professional for procedures such as a colonoscopy.

However, colon cleansing is now being suggested for reasons other than preparation for a medical procedure. Some companies are recommending colon cleansing as a way to promote better health.

If you are interested in colon cleansing by use of diet you will want to eat foods which are high in fiber such as oats and bran as well as fruits and vegetables, especially lots of green vegetables. You also want to include foods which are fermented such as yogurt and kifir. Additionally, you should drink lots of water. This type diet may help clear your colon of unwanted debris and may help with regular elimination of waste from the body.

In addition to diet there are other methods for colon cleansing. Advertisements for the benefits of colon cleansing claim the elimination of toxic waste from the system is the necessary first step for weight loss and control and for better health   The colon cleanse is said to remove old colon waste and freshen the intestinal tract. A colon cleansing may include laxatives, strong herbal teas or pills or powders or enemas all designed to clear out the large intestines.

Another method for colon cleansing is done by a practioner who flushes out the colon with lots of water. This procedure is know as colonic irrigation.

It is said a colon cleansing is needed for the body to be able to eliminate the toxins accumulated in the body which are caused by harmful chemicals in the foods we eat and pollutions in the air we breathe.

Our bodies are designed to get rid of bacteria and wastes through our digestive system and bowel. The bacteria in our colon will naturally neutralize food waste. The liver also works to purify toxins.


Those promoting colon cleansing may suggest you need a cleanse if you feel bloated or sluggish or if you are gaining weight or feel depressed. They suggest that a colon cleanse can promote a feeling of better health.

At this time there is no research to support the claims that colon cleansing will promote better health. Some companies claim a colon cleanse will promote weight loss. Any loss is probably only temporary and not a permanent weight loss solution.

Colon cleansing may cause some side effects. It may cause dehydration, an imbalance of electrolyte levels and/or loss of potassium. Side effects may include dizziness, leg cramps and abnormal heart rhythms. Colon irrigation may cause even more serious side effects.

Undertaking a colon cleanse can be especially risky for those who have gastrointestinal problems, heart problems, or kidney disease. A colon cleanse should not be done by pregnant women or those who are breast feeding.

If you are contemplating trying a colon cleansing product or procedure you should discuss the potential benefits and side effects of a colon cleanse with your health care professional.