What Is Feng Shui Design?


Feng Shui is two Chinese words meaning wind and water. Wind (or air) and water are basic elements of life without which we cannot live.

Feng Shui was discovered hundreds of years ago by the Chinese. It is designed to enhance our lives by enhancing our environment.

Feng Shui design refers to the house itself which should be built with a good flow of energy as the guide. Feng Shui design differs from feng shui decorating. It is easy to have a decorator furnish your home in a feng shui manner, but designing a feng shui home is more complicated. If your home was not originally built to feng shui design it will be expensive if not impossible to change the home elements to achieve the feng shui design.

Some of the items you will not find in a well designed feng shui home include:

There will not be a bedroom above a garage.

There will not be a bathroom over the bedroom or above the front door.

The front and back doors will not be aligned with each other.

The staircase will not face the front door.

A good feng shui designed home will allow for the maximum light to come into the rooms and will be build for excellent air circulation.

Feng Shui decorating is much easier to achieve. The belief is that how you place your furniture and possessions within your home will determine your life experiences.


You want the approach to your home to be welcoming and well maintained and clutter free.

With feng shui decorating you eliminate any clutter since clutter restricts the flow of positive energy. Anything not used or broken or associated with something unpleasant should be discarded.

Keep any work spaces separated from the sleeping and living areas. Mixing the two spaces will keep you from relaxing or getting restful sleep.

For energy in the home to flow properly you need to make any necessary household repairs as quickly as possible.

Mirrors in the home reflect positive energy and help prevent the flow of negative energy. Don’t have your mirror facing the outside door since this will reflect the good energy out of the house.

Furniture should allow free movement in the room. Whenever possible people should be able to sit with their backs to the wall.

A water feature in the home will generate feelings of relaxation.

These are just a few ideas to integrate in feng shui decorating. There are many resources available to help you incorporate feng shui design or decorating in your home.

Feng Shui design and decorating has been successful in bringing comfort, balance and harmony into the home environment.