What Is The Trunk Club?

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Although they know it is important and they want to appear stylish and look good, many men simply do not like to shop for clothing. They would rather do just about anything before they set foot in a clothing store and dressing room.

The Trunk Club may hold the answer for the shopping problem for some men.

The Trunk Club is not really a club since it is open to any man and is free to join.

When you first join the Trunk Club you complete a questionnaire about what type and style of clothing you like and feel comfortable wearing. You provide your measurements, age, height and weight.

A personal stylist will call you and go over the questionnaire gaining additional information about your clothing needs and preferences.

After determining your clothing preferences the stylist will select a trunk full of items and these will be sent to you, Actually, the trunk is made of cardboard. The Trunk club can provide accessories such as shoes, etc. in addition to the clothing items.

After you receive your clothing you try them on in your own home and decide which items you want to keep and which items you want to return.

You have 10 days from the date you receive your shipment to return your unwanted items. Your account will not be charged for any items returned within the timeframe.


Returning items is just as easy as receiving them. A return label is included with your trunk and the carrier will pick the package up. This can also be arranged through the Trunk Club.

After the items have been returned you will probably be contacted by the stylist to see why the items were returned so that the stylist will be better able to select items for you for any additional clothing you want sent. You are under no obligation to continue ordering from the Trunk Club.

The Trunk Club apparel items are not inexpensive. They are quality higher end clothing items with a corresponding price tag.

The Price club was started in Chicago several years ago. In 2014 the Trunk Club was acquired by Nordstrom. Once the deal is in place Trunk Club shoppers should be able to use Nordstrom tailors to make clothing alterations. They may also be able to return any unwanted items to a Nordstrom store. Perhaps additional brands will be added to the Trunk Club selections.

While it is not for every man, the Trunk Club may be the answer for busy men who want or need to look good and/or professional, but do not have the time or desire to visit a store, pick out clothing and try the cloths on in a dressing room. Having the ability to try on and choose your clothing in your own home on your own schedule may be the answer.