What Not To Pack In Your Travel Suitcase


Packing for a trip is an evolving experience for many travelers. On the first trip you think you will need to carry just about everything you can possibly use or want with you. As you become a more experienced traveler you learn there are many items you really do not need to pack and carry with you.

Carrying a bulky stuffed piece of luggage is a hard job. If you are flying it can be an expensive problem too since you will need to pay fees for overweight bags or too many pieces of luggage.

Remember you will be able to purchase any over the counter medicines and beauty items such as aspirin or band aids or cotton balls wherever you visit unless you are traveling to some remote isolated region.

When you are packing your cosmetics try to cut down on the number of products you would normally use at home. Use a shampoo with conditioner in it instead of carrying one of each. Use a tinted moisturizer with SPF and avoid carrying separate moisturizer, makeup and sunscreen. Use a body wash that can double as shaving cream. If you are rooming with someone else share toothpaste, shampoo and soap. Carry small quantities of any products you are packing and leave your large bottles at home.

If you are staying at a good hotel they normally supply items such as soap, shampoo, etc. Use these products and leave yours at home. Usually a hair dryer is available so there is no need to carry one.

Pack clothing in neutral colors so you can mix and match outfits. Cotton fabrics are very nice, but they do take up a lot of space and require longer time to dry if you need to wash them out. Traveling may be a good time to pack items made using some synthetic materials which take up less space, are lighter and will dry faster than cotton.

Instead of carrying excess underwear you can limit the number you pack and wash the lingerie in the hotel sink and hang it to dry overnight.

You may want to carry a light jacket or sweater if you are going where the weather will be cooler. If you can avoid it don’t pack a heavy coat. You may want to layer some clothing instead if it is cool.

If you want jeans try wearing them instead of packing them. Jeans are heavy and take up lots of space. Jeans can be wore more than one time before they need washing.


When you are packing to travel you should not try to bring everything you think you may use. Do you really need to carry a nightlight, shoe horn, door alarm, your own pillow or towel, a zoom lens for your camera, an electronic language translator, a toothbrush sanitizer, etc? Carry only what is really necessary and you will actually use.

Wear shoes that will go with multiple outfits and are comfortable. You may need to carry one other pair that will also go with lots of outfits, but that should be enough shoes.

You may want to take something to read but limit yourself to one book. If you finish it perhaps you can trade with other travelers.

Don’t lug around multiple guide books. Photo copy and carry only the information you will need.

It is not wise to take or wear expensive jewelry. If you insist on taking expensive jewelry put it in the hotel safe and be sure you have insurance coverage for it. Never put any expensive items in checked baggage.

Wearing expensive jewelry can make you a target for thieves in some countries. It may be a hindrance if you are trying to haggle down a price when shopping.

When you are packing for your trip try to consider if you will truly use the item you want to pack or if you just think you may need it. Often when you just think you should take something because you might need it you never really use it at all.