What To Do About A Possum In Your Yard

25g-leadbeaters-possum-Yellingbo-Emma-CampbellHaving a possum in the area can be very annoying.  It wants its meal and will break into almost anything to get it.  If it was successful in finding a good meal at  your home it may return again and again searching for more..

A possum will consume any pet food you may have out and it will eat anything growing in your garden and anything it can salvage from  your garbage cans.

It may even chew through the walls of your home, shed or garage to make a place to live.

To avoid having possums visit your property you need to make it uninviting for them.  Get rid of junk and debris around the property.  Keep the grass short and shrubbery trimmed.  Plug any holes or openings around the house or under the porch, etc.  You may want to build a fence around the property or at least around your garden.  Be sure it is high enough so it can’t be jumped and goes deeper then they will burrow.  Keep pet dishes inside.  If possible, keep garbage cans inside the garage.  Be sure all cans have tight fitting lids.

Possums like darkness so at night a well lit yard may not be attractive to them.

If you have a possum in your yard there are several ways you can attempt to get rid of it.

Opossum_2You can try some of the repellents which are available.  Some are repellents with offensive odor while others emit ultra sonic waves animals do not like.  Unfortunately these are not usually very effective.

You can try using flashing lights in the yard in the daytime to disturb the possum when it likes to sleep.

You might have some success with a motion sensor sprinkler system available at a hardware store.  When the sprinkler system detects the possum’s motion it will send out a spray of water which the possum will dislike and hopefully decide to leave the place.

Perhaps the most humane way to get rid of the possum is to trap and relocate it.

You can purchase a simple trap at a hardware store.  You probably want to be sure it is a live capture trap.

Put the trap near where the possum will go and bait it with fresh fruit or vegetables.  You don’t want to put the trap too close to the house.

Once the possum is in the trap, as soon as possible, take it somewhere else 6-10 miles away from  your home and let it go.  The possum will exit the trap as soon as the trap is opened.  It will not find its way back to your home.

Take preventative measures to avoid a new different possum taking up residence in your yard.