Why Hire A Private Investigator?


Employing the services of a private investigator may make the difference between a successful outcome to your problem or a failure.  Private investigators can provide knowledge and assistance with many legal situations.

Perhaps you suspect your spouse of  being unfaithful.  Investigation by a private investigator can either confirm your suspicions or eliminate your worries on that subject.  Perhaps you suspect a gambling or drinking problem.  Again, the private investigator can either confirm or relieve you of your suspicions.

If you are involved in a divorce situation the private investigator, working with your attorney, will be able to discover possible hidden assets of your spouse.

If children are involved the private investigator can discover how the children are being treated while in custody of the other parent and if the living arrangements are favorable for the child or children.  This information can be helpful in a child custody hearing.

Private investigators are able to uncover fraud when someone is claiming disability and receiving benefits while they are actually still able to perform regular tasks they claim are impossible for them to do.

If you have some friends or relatives with whom you have lost contact a private investigator can locate them for you.  If someone is missing, again, a private investigator may be able to help find them.


Before investing funds with someone or before starting a relationship with someone you do not know well you might want to have a private investigator check them out to ascertain everything is on the up and up.

A private investigator will be able to collect evidence against someone who is stalking and/or harassing  you.

If you suspect an employee is stealing from your business, employing a private investigator may uncover the guilty party.

These are just a few of the many instances where the services of a private investigator will be helpful.

Private investigators have access to data bases and information the average person cannot or does not know how to access.  They also know what evidence will be useful in a court of law.  If you have a problem the use of a private investigator can certainly help resolve many issues.  It will cost you some money, but the results should be worth the expense.

When you are looking to employ a private investigator you want to be sure this person has the proper license and also that he is bonded and insured.  Do not hesitate to ask for references.  Be sure you are clear on the expenses you will incur.  If the private investigator charges on an hourly rate then get an estimate of approximately how many hours may be involved.  Be sure you understand what services the private investigator is going to supply and the fees charged.

Employing a private investigator to help resolve your problem can actually save you money and time and can result in a more successful outcome.