Window Replacement


When the windows in your home have become drafty and loose it’s time to consider replacing them.  Most old windows have wooden frames and are single pane glass.  These windows allow heat to escape in the winter and air conditioning to escape in the warm weather.  Replacement windows will prove to be much more energy efficient.

There are several different types of replacement windows available.  You can get windows which will insert into your existing wooden window frames, if these frames are in good condition.  Because of the additional frame this type window may decrease the size of the window opening.

Another type window replacement is a full frame installation.  The old window including its frame is removed and a new replacement window is installed and fastened to the studs and then the trim is replaced.

Replacement windows are available in several different materials.  There are windows available in wood, vinyl-clad wood, vinyl, fiberglass and some composite materials.


New windows are no longer single pane.  Instead they have two or more layers of glass.  In homes in the United States it is now required that new windows have low E glass.  Low E is a heat reflective transparent film which can be up to 4 times more energy efficient than clear glass.

The most common windows are the double hung window.  Both the upper and lower sash will slide up and down.  With single hung windows only the bottom sash slides up while the upper remains stationary.  Single hung windows are usually more energy efficient than double hung windows.  Most vertical windows have a tilt in feature for easier cleaning.  Of course, there are fixed windows such as picture windows or casement windows or sliding windows.

Replacing old worn out windows can make a significant difference in the appearance and comfort of your home.

At one time vinyl windows were only available with white frames.  There is paint now available made especially for vinyl window frames.  There are also replacement windows available now in a variety of colors to compliment your home.

Replacing the existing windows in your home can be an expensive project.  However, it will save  you money on energy, will make your home feel more comfortable and will reduce your maintenance chores and improve the appearance of your home.