Working From Home? Dress For Success

If you are a mom working from home, you are still a professional who is serious about succeeding in her business venture.  Simply because your business is based in your home and not in an office building does not make it any less important.  One way to feel like a professional managing a business is to look the part.

When you conduct your home based business you are a business entrepreneur and you need to see yourself in this role.  You are fortunate to be able to conduct your own business and have the ability to set your own work hours.  However, having your own home based business also comes with a lot of responsibility.  When you work in an office you have to adhere to the rules and meet the expectations of that workplace.  When you are your own boss you need to develop your own discipline and motivation.  Motivation is something that comes from within not from outside sources.

When you are a mother working at home motivation, discipline and focus are all challenges.  This is especially true if you have small children under foot.  In order to run a successful business, you need to determine a line between your business needs and your family needs.  When these lines get blurred your business and your family life can suffer.  Your dream of being successful in both ventures can falter.

Before starting your own business, when you worked in an office, you needed to prepare to go to work each morning.  You needed to do your hair, fix your makeup and dress decently.  Just because you now work from home is no reason to discontinue getting dressed for work. 

If you simply roll out of bed and go into your office to work in your pajamas you certainly will not be in a professional frame of mind.  What will make you realize that you are at work?  Well, that can depend on the type of business you are conducting.  If your business is conducted solely online and you have no face to face interaction with clients, you can dress casually.  If, however, you are having a teleconference or creating a promotional video to air online then upgrade to business casual attire.

If your business involves going out and meeting clients, then the clothing you wear is a part of your presentation.  If you are a representative for an organization such as Mary Kay, The Pampered Chef or Avon, etc. your customers may take advantage of the business opportunity you represent simply because you look the part of a professional at your product shows.  If they decide to be representatives it means more money for you.

When you are operating a service business from home such as a cleaning or landscaping service, etc. you will need to wear work clothing when you are actually preforming your job.  However, when meeting prospective clients for the first time or promoting your business in the community it is a smart idea to dress in a decent outfit.  You will feel more professional and potential customers will see you as a professional business person.

If you have not considered your business dress because you are working from home, consider the advantage of projecting a more professional outlook and appearance.