You May Want To Be A Mystery Shopper

mysteryBecoming a mystery shopper can be fun and it is a way to earn some extra money.  If you enjoy shopping, going to movies and/or eating out this may be for you.  Mystery shoppers go into an establishment and make observations and then file a report.

When you register as a mystery shopper you are then contacted to do a mystery shop.  Its important that you are not obvious when you go into the establishment.  You want to act natural and not call attention to yourself.  Do not use a notebook to record your observations while in the establishment since this will be too obvious.

Be sure you know what your report needs to include.  You will need to know the names of the personnel with whom you interact.  There may be times when you cannot see a name tag and the staff serving you does not identify himself.  In this case a good description of the person is necessary.

Be very accurate in your reporting.  The client using a mystery shopper service is interested only in actual facts and not your opinion.  Do not judge one assignment against another assignment.  Each one needs to be reviewed and judged on its own merits.

If you make a purchase be sure to keep the receipt.  This can validate the date and time of your visit.  Even if you don’t make a purchase you need to record the information with regard to the date and time.

After your assignment is completed you will fill out an online evaluation of your observations for the company employing you as a mystery shopper.  Be sure to keep records of any fees and expenses you incur while completing an assignment.

There are companies that will pay you reasonable money as a mystery shopper for eating out or shopping, etc.  Do you homework before signing up to become a mystery shopper.  You do not want to pay anyone to work as a mystery shopper or to obtain a list of companies using mystery shoppers.

Reputable companies should offer assignments online in a professional secure environment.  They do not charge any application fees.  Do you apply to companies that try to recruit you unsolicited as a mystery shopper.

Be wary if you are offered a chance to check out 5 star restaurants, luxury shops or luxury hotels or cruises.  If it seems too good to be true it probably is not real.

Mystery shopping is best considered a fun way to earn some part-time money.  Most marketing companies do not use mystery shoppers enough to make it a full time employment opportunity.