You Need To Monitor Your Children On The Internet

Many children today have access to the world-wide web.  A good number of these children spend hours surfing for who knows what.  Unless you monitor your child’s usage of the internet you are allowing them to be exposed to harmful information.

Children are going to object to being monitored when they are online.  They will claim that you, the parent, are invading their privacy.  Do not feel intimidated by your child’s claim.  You need to be proactive to keep your child as safe as possible.

The internet offers the most impressive and largest access to information ever known.  Children can access lots of information they do not need to know.  Pornography is prevalent on the web and in some instances it is projecting the wrong information.  You don’t want your child to learn about this sensitive topic from the internet.

There are other subjects available to anyone surfing the web.  Some of these topics are projecting values and opinions that differ from your own.  You want to be able to direct your child’s knowledge and not have to undo something he has picked up on his own.

Do you have any idea how many hours your child is spending chatting on the web?  Do you have any idea who they are chatting with and what they are chatting about?  Children chat with others when they are on the internet and by nature children are trusting souls.  There are lots of predators trolling the web to engage in conversation with young people.  Although many sites require people to be at least 18 years of age, younger children have no problem lying about their age and saying they are older.  When they are chatting with someone on the web the child probably is not controlling the conversation.  The other person very likely can obtain whatever information he wants from the child.  The criminal can then use this information for his own purposes.  Some children have been lured into meeting the person with whom they have chatted on the web and this has led to disastrous consequences.

There are programs or software specifically designed so that parents can monitor their child’s activities on the internet.  There are also tools to prevent your child from having access to various types of sites.  There are tools that monitor your child when the child is chatting on a social network site.  You can always check your computer browser history to see what sites your child has been visiting.  Some of the available tools will allow you to remotely check on your child’s internet activities.  You want to use these tools to help monitor and keep your child save when they are using the internet.

Although the child will probably object it is a good idea to have the computer somewhere where you can readily see what the child is doing on the web.  A child alone in the bedroom with a computer can be a recipe for trouble.

The internet is a wonderful resource.  It provides a wealth of information on just about any subject.  We do not want to curtail the child’s use of the internet, but it is extremely important that the parent monitor this usage to keep the child safe.   You also need to be aware of information the child has gathered from the web  so that you can steer the child in the right direction and correct any questionable information the child has gathered.0153