10 Surprising Profitable Business Ideas For Working With The Elderly

With the baby boomers joining the ranks of the senior citizens more and more opportunities are available for businesses that assist the elderly.  Many of the senior citizens are no longer able or no longer willing to perform all the tasks they once did for themselves.  Many of these older people have the money that enables them to employ someone to assist them so they can maintain their desired lifestyle.

This situation opens up a number of business opportunities for those who want to work with the elderly.

Some suggestions for a business you might want to consider include:

1.  Non-medical care in the home.  Many seniors prefer to remain in their own home and not go to a nursing home or into assisted living.  They need help with things like transportation, cleaning, grocery shopping, and running errands.  They may need someone to help with cooking.  They may need adult day care services while a family member with whom they reside goes to work.  The in home non medical care assistant can provide these types of services.  They may consult with family members, a guardian or social worker to develop an individual program for the senior citizen.

2.  As they retire seniors have more free time.  You may find a lucrative market teaching computer skills to those seniors.  This way they can communicate and stay in touch  with family and friends far away.  If the seniors are not familiar with searching the web it can open up a whole new world for them.

3.  As a retiree the senior may have a decent income, but needs assistance in planning for the best way to  make the money stretch.  A good financial planner can help with the planning and implementation of a sound financial plan.  If there are sufficient assets an investment advisor may be a good resource.

4.  When the senior is living in a house there is always needed upkeep.  Someone who provides honest dependable handyman type repairs is in demand.

5.  There is a demand for someone to plant flowers and/or vegetables, mulch, trim shrubs, rake leaves, cut grass, shovel snow and manage all the chores necessary to maintain the grounds around a senior’s home.

6.  If you are skilled as a seamstress seniors need help with sewing projects they are no longer able to do.

7.  Seniors often have special dietary requirements.  If you are a licensed dietician or nutritionist you can consult with and educate clients on their food regime for optimum health benefits.

8.  If you are a licensed nurse or other health care professional you may be able to provide some in home custom healthcare services.

9.  If you have the training there is a need for someone to come into a senior’s home and point out any safety hazards such as small throw rug. You also suggest safety precautions such as grab bars for showers.

10. Some seniors may need someone to call each day to check and be sure they are alright.  They may need this same person to question the senior to determine he/she has remembered to take his/her required medication.

These are just some ways you can turn a profit by providing good, necessary services to the elderly.