10 Ways To Make Visiting Airports More Pleasant

Flying can be a hectic experience especially if you need to fly during peak times such as spring break or holidays.  Between the problem finding parking and the long lines for security your experience at the airport can be less than pleasant.

Here are a few ways you can make your trip to the airport to board a flight a little less daunting:

1.  Plan to arrive at the airport early.  This way you will have time to make  your flight even if  you encounter a traffic delay in route to the airport.  Arriving early will give you time to go through security without being anxious about missing your plane.  You’ll feel less stressed and be better able to deal with the unexpected changes such as delays and cancellations.

2.  Reserve a flight for early in the morning.  You are less apt to have delays or cancellations if you are booked on the first flight out that day.  Very early in the morning traffic going to the airport will be lighter and the airport will be less crowded so the security line will be much shorter then at peak time.

3.  Check in online and print out your boarding pass at home.  Often airlines permit you to check in up to 24 hours before  your scheduled departure.

4.  Pack the smallest carryon bag you can.  You want to have your toiletries, prescription medicines, electronic devices and perhaps a change of socks and underwear in the carryon in case your checked bag is lost.  If your plane is crowded and the overhead bins are full you may have to store the carryon under the seat.  If your bag is too big you’ll have to check it.  Checking a bag will cost money and you always have the possibility of a lost bag.

5.  If you need to have a lot of clothing for your trip or you are taking packages,consider sending these to your destination by using UPS of FedEx.

6.  Know the layout of your destination airport before you arrive.  Print out a floor map so you will have an idea of where you are going in a strange airport.  This will make it easier if you need to make a connecting flight.

7.  You might want to sign up for the TSA expedited security program if you fly very often.  Members are assigned a special number and use a special security lane that moves them through faster since they do not have to separate liquids or remove belts or shoes.

8.  Keep all documents you will need handy so they can be accessed easily when needed.

9.  If you have time to spare while waiting for your flight you might want to spend the time in the less crowded, more pleasant VIP area or Executive Lounge or Crown Room.  You can purchase a day pass for these areas if you are not a member.  In these waiting areas you will have access to free snacks and beverages, reading material,  and private areas to work or make phone calls.

10. You should have charged the batteries on your phone or laptop before leaving home.  However, if you find your battery is low and  you need to make a call or use your laptop you want to locate the power socket closest to  your gate