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Key Things to Know Before You Buy a Vacuum Cleaner

To remove the dust and dirt from your flooring you’ll want to use some type of vacuum cleaner.  There are several types of cleaner such as the stick vacuum, upright vacuum or canister vacuum.  Each works well when used as intended. Before deciding on a vacuum you should consider how often you vacuum and how […]

Buying A Washer & Dryer – Buying GuidesHow to Buy a Washer and Dryer

When it becomes time to replace a washer or dryer (or both) you need to consider several things.  How often do you do laundry, how large capacity do you need,  will you be washing very heavily soiled clothing often.  Consider if the washer and dryer are located  in a basement or in a kitchen or […]

Buying a Water Filtration System: Determining Which System Is Best

Many people are changing from buying bottled water to filtering their tap water at home.  Your tap water may be odor free and taste fine.  However, your tap water may have an odor or taste bad.  City water sometimes smells like chlorine and well water may also smell foul because of the local conditions. One […]