Archives for July 2013

How to Buy the Best GPS Navigation System

To find your way to your destination at one time you used a paper map.  Today its much easier to find your locations using a GPS or Global Positioning System.  Using a GPS will give you a more secure feeling when you are traveling in a strange area.  You can purchase a GPS unit designed […]

Which Juicer Is Right For You?

Many people think they want to own a juicer in order to promote a more healthy life style by increasing their fruit and vegetable consumption.  This is a great idea if you really plan to follow through with the program. However, in order to get enough fiber in your diet you still need to eat […]

Finding the Best Fire Pit

When you are thinking of providing a fire pit for your outdoor space you need to first decide if you want to buy one or if you want to build your own.  You can make your own wood fire pit by just digging a hole in the ground or using a fireproof bowl to burn […]

How to Select the Best Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical trainers (also called elliptical machines) are one of the newer pieces of cardio exercise equipment.  Most people find elliptical trainers easy to use and less stressful on joints than a treadmill.  They can give a good low impact cardio workout without a lot of pounding  on your joints.  They work well for people who […]

How to Choose the Right Dog House

If you pet spends much time outdoors a dog house is important for him.  When purchasing the dog house you first need to consider size.  This can be a rough estimate.  Is your pet small, medium or large.  You want a house which will allow the dog to comfortably turn around in it and to […]