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How to Buy a Do It Yourself Security System

More and more homeowners who want to save money on the installation of a home security system are doing it themselves.  If  you have basic skills and a few basic tools you should be able to install your wireless home security system in one day.   Some of these systems run on batteries while others  although  […]

How to Buy a Backpack

Children and young adults from elementary school to collage are using backpacks to carry their school materials to and from classes.  Backpacks are convenient and come in very different styles and sizes.  Prices for backpacks can vary greatly depending on the size, material, manufacturer and quality.  You need to research the type best suited to […]

How to Buy a Room Air Conditioner

When the weather is hot and humid air conditioning is a necessity.  If you do not have central air conditioning or if you have a room that the central unit does not effectively cool, you may want to consider either a window air conditioner or a portable air conditioning unit. Some things you need to […]

How to Find the Right Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is a good way to cut costs when cooling or heating your home.  In summer the blades move counter clockwise and give a wind chill which makes you feel cooler.  In winter the blades move clockwise and push the accumulated warm air from the ceiling back into the room.  Using the ceiling […]

Coffee Maker Buying Guide

Years ago buying a coffee maker was a simple process.  You only needed to choose between a drip pot and a percolator.  Now you have many choices in a wide price range. You can purchase a coffee maker  used on your stove or you can purchase an electric model.  The most popular coffee maker is […]

Digital Thermometer Buying Guide

If you suspect someone has a fever the only way to really know is to check using a fever thermometer.  You may be able to tell if he feels too warm by feeling his forehead, but this will not tell you accurately if or how high the patient’s fever may be.    The easiest way to […]