Archives for March 2014

Skin Care Tips

Taking care of your skin is not just a matter of a beauty routine for your face.  You need to take into consideration other factors that will help your skin. Try to keep your hands off your face.  Be sure to wash the hands before your touch your face to avoid getting harmful dirt or […]

Family Reunions

Life today runs at a hectic pace.  Unless you make an effort to find the time your interaction with extended family members can become lost.  People always tell their relatives lets get together.  Then time goes by and the good intentions fall by the wayside.  Humans are social beings.  To remain fit mentally they need […]

You May Want To Be A Mystery Shopper

Becoming a mystery shopper can be fun and it is a way to earn some extra money.  If you enjoy shopping, going to movies and/or eating out this may be for you.  Mystery shoppers go into an establishment and make observations and then file a report. When you register as a mystery shopper you are […]

Tips For Packing Your Moving Boxes

Most people regard packing boxes for a move as a necessary evil.  Doing a good job of sorting and packing your household items will make your move a little more hassle free. First you want to start by packing items you rarely use first.  You don’t want to have to open packed boxes to get […]

Changing Furnace Filters

During the heating season the filter on your furnace is what helps keep the air in your home cleaner. Furnace filters need to be changed on a regular schedule.  How often your filter needs to be changed depends on a number of factors.  If your home has pets or someone in the home is a […]

Solar Power Is Becoming More Popular For Homes

As the cost of gas and electricity continues to rise more and more people are considering solar power for their homes. When  you are looking into the use of solar power for your home you need to consider whether your home is in an area that receives a good amount of sunlight.  Solar power is […]

Cookware For Your Kitchen

Eating can be one of life’s pleasures as well as a necessity.  In order to enjoy our food most of us first need to cook the meal. It’s easier to prepare a meal if your kitchen is fairly well equipped with the proper cooking vessels.  Just as every kitchen should include a good sharp knife […]

Tips To Slow The Aging Process

Unfortunately as we age we develop fine lines and wrinkles on our faces, flabby limp muscles, weaker eyesight and loss of some coordination and balance.  All of these changes make us look and feel old.  You may be able to slow the aging process and appear younger with some lifestyle changes. It is important to […]

Start To Reduce Your Cost Of Energy

There are some easy and free ways to save on energy costs. You can set your computers to sleep and hibernate.  When it is in sleep mode the computer uses less power and with hibernate it turns off the computer in such a way that you need not reload everything when you want to start […]

Saving Money On Food

Every family needs to purchase food and this can take a large chunk of the family income every month. There are some ways to help reduce the amount  you need to spend to have the food supplies you need.  Your first place to look for savings is when you go to the grocery store for […]