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Should You Rent Or Buy A Home

For many years families rented apartments or small houses while they saved enough money to afford to buy a home.  Many families are still doings this while other families now choose to continue renting. Whether you decide to purchase or to rent your home is a personal decision. At one time owning a home was […]

Inversion Therapy

Inverting the body has been practiced for many years as a way to relieve back pain. You can turn your body upside down by doing handstands or headstands. Or, you can invest your body by using either an inversion table or an inversion chair. If you invert your body by doing either a handstand or […]

Where Are You Going?

Do you have an idea of where you are going?  I don’t mean today or tomorrow or next week.  I’m asking where you want to go with your life. If you don’t know what you want in your life perhaps keeping a daily journal will help you get a feel for what you want to […]


Reading is one of the pleasures of life.  Having an e-reader will allow you to have 1,500 or more books at your fingertips. With an e-reader you can download a book from just about anywhere in a few seconds.  This can be done anytime of the day or night making access to reading material very […]

Buying Versus Leasing A Vehicle

If you are considering a new vehicle in addition to deciding what type car or truck you want you need to decide if you want to purchase your vehicle or lease it. Whether you decide to lease or buy depends largely on your lifestyle. Is it important to you to have a new ride every […]

Feeding A Picky Child

Children can be very stubborn.  They may make up their mind they don’t like a particular food and they refuse to even try it.  This can be very frustrating for the parent who knows a healthy diet is important for a child. Feeding a child a steady diet of processed foods every day at every […]

Make Doing Laundry Easier

Unless you have household help laundry is a recurring chore that you need to accomplish regularly. Doing laundry can be an aggravating and cumbersome chore.  You need to gather the dirty clothing and linens, sort them, put them in the washer and then either put them in the dryer or hang them to dry.  Finally […]

Homecare Providers

Unfortunately as we age sometimes seniors are unable to perform some of the tasks necessary for daily life in our own home.  This is when a homecare provider can be a blessing. A homecare provider can relieve our loved ones of some of the stress and worry about how the senior is managing in his […]

Traveling With Children

Traveling with children can be either a wonderful or a horrible experience.  Children need to be taught to be pleasant well behaved travelers. If there is nothing to occupy a child it is only natural that he or she will become restless and boisterous and this can lead to a miserable experience for everyone. If […]

Purchasing Gold Online

Gold can be an important asset for your investment portfolio.  When the economy has difficulties the demand for gold increases and the price of gold goes up. You can purchase gold in several different forms.  There are gold coins, gold bullion and gold bars.  You may also invest in a gold exchange where your gold […]