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What Are The Healthiest Types of Salt?

The common table salt found in most of our homes is lacking in the trace elements needed by the human body. Table salt has been processed so that the trace minerals needed for a healthy functioning system are no longer present. The table salt we purchase is mainly sodium chloride. The product has been heated […]

Ways To Improve Your Balance And Stability

The core of your body is what stabilizes the body. To obtain stability you need to strengthen your muscles in the lower back, abdomen, hip, shoulder and gluts. To build stability you need to do some weight or resistance training. You can begin with some simple exercises and then you may want to move on […]

The Yo Yo Effect Explained: Why Is It So Common for People To Regain Their Lost Weight?

When you lose and regain weight over and over again this trend is known as the yo yo effect or in some places the jo jo effect. You may diet and exercise strenuously and rapidly lose your unwanted weight. Then you stop monitoring what you eat and cut back on the exercise and the weight […]

How To Make Anchovy Butter

When you are looking for something to enhance the flavor of your meat or vegetables you may want to use some anchovy butter. Anchovy butter does not taste fishy. It add subtle flavor to foods. You can turn an everyday meal into one that is memorable. Anchovy butter is a variation of compound butter. Compound […]

What Are The Negative Effects of Coffee?

Over 80 percent of the adults in the United States drink coffee. For many people that first jolt of caffeine is what they look forward to each morning. Consuming too much coffee may have negative effects on your health.. If you consume an excess of caffeine you may have restless nights with trouble sleeping and […]

What Are The Disadvantages Of Commuting?

Commuting to work puts a huge strain on our overall lives and may adversely impact our health, happiness and relationships. Not to mention the fact that commuting can be expensive. Whether you are driving or commuting on public transportation you are going to be spending time and money. Public transportation costs vary depending on distance […]

Do Dogs Need Sweaters In The Winter?

You may notice there are times when the weather in your area is cold and your dog is reluctant to go outdoors. You may keep the temperature inside your home during winter on a low setting and notice your dog seems uncomfortable. Both of these situations indicate you dog is bothered by the cold temperature. […]

How To Stop Farting

At sometime in our life everyone has been embarrassed by farting (otherwise known as flatulence). You let one go and the people around wrinkle their noses and look to see who was the culprit. If you are prone to farting excessively it can create a big problem for you. You are not going to be […]

Why Is It Important For Kids To Get Adequate Sun Exposure?

Kids need Vitamin D to help their developing bodies. Vitamin D can help the body absorb calcium and other necessary minerals. It improves production of feel-good brain chemicals like serotonin. It helps cell growth, decreases inflammation and aids the immune system. Lack of Vitamin D in children may contribute to higher blood pressure and lower […]

Which Foods Should You Buy Organic?

More and more people are concerned with living a healthier lifestyle. They want to incorporate good healthy food into their diets. The best way to improve your eating habits and your health is to eliminate as much as possible foods containing harmful additives and foods which have been genetically modified. This includes most processed foods. […]