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When to Buy Winter Tires

Many drivers wonder if they need winter tires. If you live in an area where you have snow and ice all winter you should have top quality winter tires. If the temperature in your area is regularly below 45 degrees in winter then winter tires are a good idea. Winter tires have special rubber compounds […]

How To Rename A Dog

You’ve recently adopted a dog and your want to give it a different name. You worry the dog will have a problem if you try to change the name. In fact, changing the name of your new dog to a name of your choosing may help you bond closer with the new dog. A new […]

Can You Take Prescription Meds Through Security?

  In a word yes. Many people worry they will not be able to carry their prescription medications with them when they are traveling by plane. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has set forth guidelines which allow passengers to travel with prescription and necessary over the counter medications as well as necessary medical supplies. If […]

What To Do When Your Testosterone Level Is Low

If your testosterone level is low you may experience lower sex drive, shrinking muscles, depression, increased body fat, anxiety and confusion. You may experience some of these same symptoms if you are suffering from other health problems such as an acute illness. Before you begin any hormone replacement therapy to increase your level of testosterone […]

How To Get Your Baby To Sleep At Night

For the first few weeks your baby will be sleeping between ten and eighteen hours per day. However, eating will take priority for the baby over sleep. When the baby is hungry he will wake up. The baby will not have any concept of days or nights. This means the baby may chose a wake […]

What Is Contents Insurance?

Contents insurance is coverage for the damage or loss to the items in your home. Your items may be damaged as the result of theft, fire, storms, lightening, vandalism, etc. These items include furniture, clothing, toys, TVs, computers, books, DVDs, CDs, tools, pots, pans, dishes and pretty much every item in your home that you […]

What Are Some Sources Of Dairy Free Calcium Containing Foods?

In order to maintain strong teeth and bones our bodies need calcium. Calcium also helps to regulate blood pressure, prevent insulin resistance and maintain healthy blood vessels. Adults need approximately 1,000 mg of calcium each day. As we age our calcium requirements increase for women over age 51 and men over age 70 to 1,200 […]

How To Disinherit A Child Or Relative

Disinheriting a child or close relative may be difficult and may in some cases not be possible. In any event this is a drastic measure and should not be undertaken lightly. Most states have laws that prohibit disinheriting your spouse unless the spouse has agreed to this action by signing either a pre-nuptial agreement or […]

What Is Feng Shui Design?

Feng Shui is two Chinese words meaning wind and water. Wind (or air) and water are basic elements of life without which we cannot live. Feng Shui was discovered hundreds of years ago by the Chinese. It is designed to enhance our lives by enhancing our environment. Feng Shui design refers to the house itself […]

How To Avoid Jet Lag

Jet lag makes you feel tired, disoriented and just plain lousy. It can ruin a vacation trip or a business meeting. If you are flying for an important business conference you may do better if you arrive a day early so your system can have a little time to adjust. You can make some preparations […]