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Use These Handy Apps When Going To The Beach

If you are headed to the beach there are some handy apps you might want to download. These apps will give you good information and can make your beach trip more fun. If you want to know which beaches are closest to you check out the Waterkeeper Swim Guide. This app will not only tell […]

Tips For New Expats Living In China

A number of companies are offering some of their management employees the opportunity to relocate to China Others are moving the China because of its standard of living. Whatever the reason, if you are considering living in China here are a few tips you may find helpful. It is a good idea if you can […]

Workout Mistakes Men Commonly Make

You could well be trying to do too much too soon. You need to build up your stamina to be able to exercise for a sustained time period. You need to build up strength slowly to increase weights you are trying to lift. You may be tempted to start out going from one machine to […]

Fresh Expat-Handy Tips Upon Arrival

If you are planning to be an expat you want to do your research first. It is smart to take a vacation trip of two to the area where you plan to relocate. This way you can get a feel for the place and see if it is a good match for you. You can […]

Cool Tips To Save Money On Car Rentals

When you plan to rent a car there can be a wide variance between the prices you will pay. You need to do your homework before reserving that car. Check out the rates for various rental car companies to find the best price. No one car rental company will always be the lowest so look […]

Do You Need Treatment For High Cholesterol?

Your physician or other health care professional may recommend treatment for high cholesterol if your blood work indicates your cholesterol levels are too high or if your ratio of bad to good cholesterol is too high. You are at greater risk for a heart attack or stroke when you have elevated cholesterol levels. High levels […]

Should You Apply For Positions If You’re Not qualified?

If you see an opening for your dream internship or job, but you do not have 100% of the required qualifications should you apply for the position? Determine in your mind why it is important to you to work for this particular industry. If you think this can be a good move toward a career […]

What Liquids Are You Allowed To Take On A Plane?

When you fly you are allowed to carry one small plastic one quart bag with a zip closure to carry your containers of liquids. Each liquid container needs to be 3.4 ounces or less. All the containers must fit into the one quart size plastic bag. In addition to liquids this bag is used to […]

What Are Some Natural Sunscreen Alternatives?

It is important to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. Radiation from the UV rays may cause skin cancer or weaken the immune system. It will cause sunburn. You can protect your skin from harmful sun rays by using conventional commercial sunscreens. These sunscreens may contain some toxic substances and […]

How To Ask For A Vacation At Your New Job

You are starting a new job or applying for a new position and need some time off. How should you request it? If you are applying for a position and know you will need a few days off for something important this should be discussed at interview time. It may be that you will be […]