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Mashed Taters, 10 Surprisingly Delicious Ways To Serve This Classic Food

Mashed potatoes are a favorite comfort food. You will find them on most holiday dinner tables. They are regular additions to everyday meals too. Usually when you think of mashed potatoes you think of the classic dish. A basic recipe for mashed potatoes is very simple. You need a heavy pot that is large enough […]

Plugged Up No More! How Yoga Can Help Relieve Constipation

Constipation will make you feel bloated and miserable. It can give you a headache, backache and pains in the abdomen too. It isn’t a problem you want to discuss with others. Constipation is often caused by a poor diet, not drinking enough water, lack of exercise and stress. If constipation persists for a long period […]

9 Handy Tips To Ask Your Boss To Work From Home More Often

With the technology today its possible for more and more employees to work from home. Many companies already have a work from home policy while other companies do not. You need to be sure your job is one that can be accomplished offsite before you suggest working from home. If you want to be permitted […]

8 Ways Hackers Can Obtain Your Passwords

Identity theft is a huge concern for most people. If a hacker obtains your password and violates your accounts it will take many stressful days and weeks or even months for you to correct the mess. Hacking into your accounts and obtaining your passwords is easier than you think. There are hundreds of ways and […]

Cutting The Fat: How To Trim Your Resume Down To A One Pager

Recruiters and hiring managers receive many resumes and need to go through each of them looking for just the right candidate. Often the recruiter or hiring manager will only spend a few seconds on each resume. You need to make your resume concise so the hiring manager can read it quickly. Some large companies forward […]

5 Ways To Become A Networking Ninja

Whether you are an entrepreneur or someone employed by a business, networking should be an important part of your business and work strategy. If you have your own business, networking will help you grow that business, develop valuable business contacts and perhaps engage in a partnership with someone you meet. When you are employed by […]

5 Essential Apps For Busy Lawyers

Lawyers are usually very busy people. Anything that can make their work load more manageable is appreciated. Instead of searching many legal books there are apps which can provide much of the information needed by these lawyers. There are many apps available which can help the lawyer work more efficiently and be more productive. Here […]

How Not To Take Care Of Your Sofa

You spend a good amount of money to purchase a sofa. You hope it will last for some years and still look good. If you do some of the things set forth below its almost guaranteed your sofa will get old long before it should. It will be a difficult habit to break, but you […]

How To Get Noticed By Companies You’d Love To Work For

Getting noticed when you are applying for a new job can be very difficult. There are probably many others competing for the same position . These other applicants may be younger, and have better credentials, while you feel you are just average. How can you manage to stand out from the crowd and be noticed […]

Don’t Be Left Out: 8 Things To Always Pack In your Carry On

When you travel you hope your checked luggage will arrive with you at your destination. Unfortunately, you cannot always be sure this will be the case. There are also items which you want to have access to when you travel. You want to put the items you will need in your carry-on so you do […]