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What Are The Pro’s And Con’s Of Paying Points On Your Mortgage Rate?

A point for a mortgage is equal to one percent of the total mortgage cost. Therefore, if your mortgage is $300,000 one point will equal $3,000, one half point will equal $1,500 and one quarter point will equal $750.   There are two types of points. Discount points are applied to reduce the interest rate […]

All Hail The Minivan! Why Minivans Are A Great Choice For Millennial

Millennial are those born between 1980 and 2000. This means they range in age today between 18 and 34.   The millennials are a generation who grew up riding in their parent’s minivan. The minivan first came on the market in 1983. This was about the time the millennial were first starting pre-school. They probably […]

Keyless Push Button Ignitions May Be Dangerous

Since the middle of the 1990s the keyless push button ignition has been available on some vehicles. As the popularity of this feature has increased more car manufacturers have included this feature on their automobile. With the keyless push button ignition the driver carries a key fob in his pocket or purse. This key fob […]

Ten Of The Worlds Most Dangerous Airlines

There are some airlines you may want to consider carefully before you decide to book your flight with them. Many of these airlines are not known to most people since they are not the very popular airlines and they are not flying the most traveled routes. Here are some of the more dangerous airlines. They […]

Impress Them, 10 Tips For A Successful Business Lunch

A business lunch no longer refers only to a meeting during a meal at lunchtime. Business meetings now may be conducted at lunch, but they may also be conducted at breakfast, or over coffee, or even at dinner. When you attend one of these meetings the most important aspect is not the food. It is […]

How You Can Stay Fit While Traveling The World On A Budget

If you plan to travel and see the world you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are ways you can keep yourself in fit condition and not spend much money. It isn’t necessary to pay for the use of a gym with all of the expensive equipment. You can do sit ups, pushups and […]

How To Buy The Perfect Leather Jacket (Without Breaking The Bank!)

Leather jackets can have a place in anyone’s wardrobe. These jackets come in many different styles to flatter different types of figures and different lifestyles. When you purchase your leather jacket you want to find the one that is perfect for you. The initial purchase of a new leather jacket can be costly. Just keep […]

Tackling The Boring Paperwork At The Office

At times many people in the workplace feel overwhelmed by paperwork. This is especially true for those who are employed in sales positions yet still must complete the necessary paperwork. Time spent by a salesperson completing paperwork takes away time that could otherwise be spent on sales related projects. However, for a sale to be […]

How To Prevent The Need For A Visit To The Physical Therapist

Regular exercise is important for good health. Experts recommend 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week or 150 minutes of exercise weekly, You want to develop an exercise routine and then stick with your program. Exercising on a regular basis will keep your heart and lungs functioning properly and will keep your […]

Are There Times When Turning Down A Promotion Is Actually The Best Choice?

Most of the time an employee is thrilled when offered a promotion. Usually the employee is eager to accept the new position. There are, however, times when accepting a promotion may not be right for you. Perhaps you do not feel you are ready to move into the new position. Perhaps you are currently in […]