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Top 10 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights

Some women stay away from weight training because they don’t want to bulk up. This is not true unless bulk muscles are what you are trying to achieve. Weight training will cause you to lose fat and gain muscle. You can realize many health benefits from regular moderate exercise including weight training. As you replace […]

Get Out Of Debt Quick! Here Are Our Top 8 Resolutions For 2016

Carrying a load of debt can be extremely stressful. It can lead to sleepless nights and it can put a strain on your relationship with your spouse or partner. It will take commitment to get out of debt in a reasonable period of time. You will need to drastically change the way you think about […]

Don’t Throw It Away. Here Are 12 Ways To Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

When you have finished brewing your pot of coffer don’t just throw your used coffee grounds in the garbage. You can recycle these used coffee grounds in any number of ways. The rough texture of the coffee grounds make a good abrasive for scrubbing grease and grime from dishes and cookware. Place the coffee grounds […]

How To Be More Frugal In 2016. Some Advice

Buying is a favorite occupation for many people. They want to have the fanciest car, the biggest home, the latest electronic device and a closet full of clothing reflecting the latest trend. The theory is all of these purchases will make you feel happy. Perhaps you will feel happy for a short time right after […]

How May I Help You? The Top 10 Rules For Amazing Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is not hard. It does take some patience and practice and the desire to make your customers’ experience with you pleasant. Here are 10 suggestions for providing great customer service. Listen to your customer – This is the first and most important rule. It is very frustrating and annoying to a […]

Hey Wantrepreneurs! Here Are 8 Of The Best Small Business Opportunities For 2016

Are you considering becoming your own boss and opening a small business this year? There many business opportunities available. With a small business you usually don’t produce extreme wealth, but you can generate a decent steady income for yourself and your family and perhaps some employees. Here are just 8 types of business opportunities. Senior […]

Pay Attention Business Owners! Here Are 15 Simple Ways To Make Your Business More Green

Making your business more green will not only help the environment it may improve your bottom line. More and more consumers are interested in using environmentally friendly services and products. Here are some suggestions on how your business can be more green. Reduce the number of cars commuting to work each day. Encourage your employees […]

Are You Being Smart With Your Money? Here Are 8 Reasons You’re Not

There are people who are able to manage their finances very well. There are others who make financial mistakes that are costing them money and hindering their ability to have a more secure financial situation. Here are some things you should change to improve your financial future. Credit cards can be helpful if you have […]

The Top 5 Personal Finance Resolutions You Should Focus On

The beginning of a new year is a good time to sit down and take charge of your finances. In fact, anytime of year it’s a smart idea to go over your financial situation and make any needed improvements. In order to give you a simple starting point, here are 5 personal financial improvements you […]

No Thanks! The 8 Things You Should Never Buy Secondhand

Making purchases at a flea market or a thrift store can save you some real money. There are many items you can safely purchase secondhand. However. There are some items you should never purchase used. Included in this list of items to never purchase secondhand are: Mattresses – used mattresses are full of the dust […]