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Can You Get Paid To Travel? Here’s 8 Ways You Can!

Would you like to travel the world, but your funds cannot support your dream?  There are ways you can realize your dream of world travel and get paid for the experience.  You just need to be willing to work for your travel.  Some opportunities will pay the cost of your room and board and/or your […]

Can Mind-Body Techniques Help You Get Pregnant? Try These 5 Ways

Sometimes you are not able to conceive even though there is no physical medical reason for your infertility. Fertility is not only a condition of the body, it is also a condition of your mind. If you are anxious or stressed, you may not be able to become pregnant.  When you are stressed your body […]

Buzz Buzz! Here’s Why Mosquitoes Are Actually Important For Our Environment

Did you know the oldest mosquito fossils date back 200 million years? Probably all of us have been bitten by a mosquito at some time.  These blood thirsty nuisance insects can drive a person or an animal crazy with their biting. In addition to the annoying discomfort of a mosquito bite the mosquito can cause […]

What Are Some Of The Warning Signs Of Child Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder may show symptoms as early as 14 months.  Diagnosis of autism can be confirmed by the age of 3. It is extremely important to recognize the signs of autism as early as possible. With early intervention it may be possible to have a big impact on the child’s development. The parents and […]

What Is A Food Allergy Exactly?

When the body detects something it thinks is harmful the immune system produces antibodies to fight the intruder.  An allergic reaction occurs when a food is eaten which the immune system mistakes for something harmful. Most allergic reactions to food are mild.  The allergic reaction can occur within seconds of ingesting the trigger food or […]

10 Ways To Make Visiting Airports More Pleasant

Flying can be a hectic experience especially if you need to fly during peak times such as spring break or holidays.  Between the problem finding parking and the long lines for security your experience at the airport can be less than pleasant. Here are a few ways you can make your trip to the airport […]

Are Almonds A Good Food For Weight Loss?

Almonds are high in calories, but in moderation they can help you to lose weight. Almonds are loaded with good for you vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.  They contain lots of protein and good healthy fats. Snacking on some almonds can give you the feeling of being full and can prevent you from overeating.  Scientific […]

Bad Driving Record, No Problem. Here’s How To Still Get Insurance

If you are driving a car you know you must have car insurance.  Driving without current car insurance will cost you fines and other penalties when you are caught.  If you have  incurred some driving problems your current insurance carrier may not renew your policy and you will need to find other coverage. You do […]

Want A New Set Of Wheels? Here’s The Best Time For Buying A New Car

When you are in the market to buy a new car there are some times when you might get a better deal then other times. The end of the year from about Christmas until New Years is likely the best time for buying a car.  Some dealerships extend the time for the end of year […]

Is Your Car Insured For Your Kid’s Learners Permit?

When it gets near time for your teen to get a learners permit to drive you need to talk with your car insurance agent. You can read your own policy to try and ascertain if the child on a learners permit will be covered.  It is easier to discuss this with your agent so you […]