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Make Some Money Reconditioning Batteries At Home

You can get longer use from your batteries than you ever thought possible by reconditioning the batteries thus extending their life.    You can also collect “dead” batteries from people you know or from businesses and recondition these batteries too.  Most likely these “dead” batteries will be given to you free of charge.  Once you have […]

Is There Lucrative Work You Can Do At Home?

Working from home has become a recent necessity for many people.  With the downturn in the economic picture it has become much more difficult to secure a well paying full time job.  For this reason, many people have needed to find more creative ways to make the money necessary for their everyday living expenses and […]

Li-Ion The Battery Of Choice

The recent trend for battery powered laptops and other portable equipment to become smaller and more power hungry has led to the creation of the lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery.  These batteries are compact and lightweight.   The electrodes used in the Li-ion batteries are made of lightweight lithium and carbon.  When compared to the more traditional […]

The Top 6 Healthy Foods That Your Kids Actually Like!

There actually are healthy foods kids like to eat.  It is much better for your child’s health to give him nutritious food in place of foods full of empty calories and unnecessary fats and sugars. Instead of giving your child foods high in calories, sugar and fat give them foods low in fat, low in […]

How Much Allowance Should Your Kids Really Get?

Giving a child an allowance is a great way to teach the child how money should be handled.  As soon as your child starts asking about money it’s time to start with an allowance. Some experts recommend starting an allowance at anywhere from fifty cents to one dollar for each year of the child’s age.  […]

Should You Keep Your Day Job When You Begin Working From Home?

Whenever you start a new business venture there is a risk involved.   Many people dream of starting their own home based business.  The entrepreneur may wonder if he should continue his present job while starting out with his own business venture or if he should devote all of his time to the new enterprise.  You […]

Use Dating Strategies Or Be Yourself

You have probably heard all about the dating techniques which have been studied and developed over the past few years.  These dating strategies have been developed to be used by both men and women.  The people who created these techniques swear they will work for you.  They say that if you follow their dating techniques […]

Easy Techniques To Improve Battery Life

After they have been in use for a long period of time your battery is likely to fail.  It is a major frustration, however, when a battery fails prematurely.  Many people think they are extending battery life by turning off a device.  When you start up your device it consumes more power.  If your device […]

Learn How To Recondition Batteries

Most people throw away their batteries when they get old.  Did you know that with battery reconditioning you do not need to throw away those old batteries?  Instead with reconditioning the batteries can be restored to use again.  Reconditioning and reusing batteries is a great way to save money and also to help save the […]

The Benefits Of Lead Acid Batteries

Lead-acid batteries are sometimes referred to as “starting batteries”.  This type battery is the oldest rechargeable battery in existence.  It was originally designed for commercial use.  The lead-acid batteries have dominated the market ever since their invention in 1859 by French physicist, Gaston Plante.  Even with the surge of new batteries in the market, the […]