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Rid Yourself Of Writers Block

  Everyone who writes will at some time encounter writers block.  No matter how much you want to write you simply are experiencing a dry spell and cannot come up with any ideas.  You will sit in front of the computer and you are not able to put any words together that make sense for […]

Take Care Of Your Crystal Jewelry

Your crystal jewelry is lovely when it is brand new.  You want to keep it looking beautiful and with a little care it will stay lovely for a very long time.  As with any other jewelry, in order to retain its beauty and luster it requires some attention.  Your jewelry can experience quite a bit […]

Speaking In Public

Speaking before a group of people is one of the most common fears many people face.  At some time in your life you will be faced with the challenge of speaking in public.  It may just be a simple toast at a friend’s wedding.  You may have to make a presentation to a class when […]

A Few Tips To Relieve Insomnia

When you are unable to get to sleep at night it is a miserable feeling.  You toss and turn and get up in the morning just as tired (if not more exhausted) than before you went to bed. Millions of people suffer from insomnia.  There are some steps you can take to make insomnia less […]

Symptoms Of Pregnancy

You have a feeling you might be pregnant, but you don’t really know and don’t know what signs to look for to see if you might be pregnant. There are over the counter tests you can take which indicate whether or not you have conceived.  These tests detect the level of HCG in the urine.  […]

Potty Training

Many parents wonder when it is the right time to potty train their child.  You can forget the stories about someone having their child trained very early.  Probably the parent has trained herself to put the child on the potty every few hours.  She has been trained, but the child is not really potty trained. […]

Over The Counter Remedies That May Help Menopause Symptoms

As they get a little older, women experience the problem known as menopause.  For some women menopause is a horrible time with a variety of unpleasant symptoms.  Other women have very little discomfort during menopause.  Menopause does not go away overnight.  It can last for up to ten years, but your symptoms may come and […]

Home Based Business Devoted To Parties

Do you love entertaining?  Do you enjoy giving a party where everything is just right and your guests always have complimentary things to say about your affair?  Do you enjoy being around people?  Are you cheerful, outgoing, and upbeat?  Are you well organized?  If you fall into these categories and are looking to start a […]

Birth Order Has An Effect On Children

Psychologists say that the birth order of children in a family influences all aspects of the child’s personality.  There are typical characteristics of birth order, however, there are some exceptions. If there is a large space between the birth of the first and second child you will need to allow for some cross over of […]

A Garage Sale Or A Yard Sale Is A Good Thing

When you live in suburbia garage sales and yard sales are a way of life.  These types of sales are great for bringing the communities together, for meeting new people, and for getting rid of the objects you no longer use or want that are cluttering up your space. Yard and garage sales can make […]