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Reverse Your Bad Diet

Are you eating a diet that is bad for you?  Do you often feel tired, listless, confused?  These can all be signs that your diet is not what is should be.  You probably already realize that your eating habits are not as healthy as they should be.  You realize that you should try to improve […]

Improve A Poor Credit History

Maintaining a good credit history is important.  How good your credit history is will determine whether or not you are approved for a mortgage, car loan, even an apartment lease or a new employment opportunity.  The better your credit history, the lower interest rate you will be charged when you are approved for that loan. […]

The importance of Good Diet During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant what you consume is very important.  Remember, you are eating for two, but you do not want to overeat.  You do not want to run the risk of obesity, or developing high blood pressure or becoming diabetic while pregnant. Your health care professional will be the person who determines what kind […]

Help Prevent a Teenage Pregnancy

Parents whether you think so or not your teenager is probably having sex.  Many teens do engage in this practice.  Teenagers need to be better educated in the risks of unprotected sex.  This topic can be embarrassing for both you and your teen, but it is something that needs to be discussed.  Schools touch on […]

Don’t Blow Your Leads

Making the most of your opportunities is crucial when you are in business or in sales.  Leads are an excellent way to grow your sales and expand your customer base. Timing is extremely important when you get a lead.  Wait to act and you will not get the business.  As soon as you receive that […]

Some Romantic Things To Do To Let Your Boyfriend Know He Is Special

We all know that it is important to keep the romance alive in a relationship.  Sometimes it is hard to come up with an idea to let your boyfriend know that he is a special person in your life. The lingerie ads always suggest that the way to keep your boyfriend interested is by wearing […]

Living With A Two-Year-Old

If you are living with a child about to turn two years old be prepared for frustration.  You have heard of the “terrible twos”.  This really is true.  It is not just a saying. Your life changed when you became a parent a couple years ago.  It is now going to change again dramatically for […]

Are You A Leader?

Are you truly a leader or are you simply someone who likes to give others instructions and directions?  A true leader can motivate others to do more than they thought possible.  A leader takes responsibility for his actions.  A leader is open to changes, is optimistic, decisive and is confident.  Leaders know their value and […]

How Well Do You Know Those You Network?

Networking is very important to anyone in business.  It is the ultimate form of promotion not only for your business, but also for yourself.  Networking can help you obtain that new client, it can help you move up in the corporate world, and it can help you to find and secure that new job. Whether […]

Deciding On A Home Based Business

Many people today are thinking of starting a home-based business.  They may be looking for extra income to supplement their present employment or they may be looking for a home-based business as their sole source of income. There are lots of options open to the entrepreneur who starts his own business.  To help you decide […]