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Everyone Has A Different Reason For Organizing Their Home

When it comes to having an organized home, everyone has a different reason.  Some folks are interested in maintaining their neat orderly residence and do not want to allow any clutter to accumulate. Other families have piles upon piles of clutter.  They have a big mess, but think all they really need is more storage.  […]

Coping With Tough Times

Everyone has some times in their life when they must face tough times.  Life is like a roller coaster.  There are times when you are on top and everything is great.  Then there are the tough times when you feel you are at the bottom and everything seems to be going wrong. Some people feel […]

Childhood Obesity

You may not be aware that children are one of the fastest growing segments of the population with respect to obesity Over the past few decades the obesity rate for children between the ages of 6 and 11 has tripled while the obesity rate for children 2 to 5 and 12 to 19 has doubled. […]

Be Successful With Online Dating

The dating scene has changed over the past decade or two.  Years ago, people would go to the neighborhood bar where they would sit and nurse a drink and meet and talk with other people.  Often they were successful in meeting someone who interested them and they began dating and eventually became a couple.  Most […]

Be More Comfortable When Networking

You know it’s important to attend functions where you can network with others in your field of work.  You sometimes feel uncomfortable and find it difficult to start a conversation.  When you are at the meeting, you make eye contact with someone and decide to approach this other person and introduce yourself.  After making the […]

A Successful Leader Needs A Good Team

If you are going to be a success at managing people you need to be good at team building.  People are going to work better together when the atmosphere at the workplace encourages it. When everyone gets along they are better able to provide better service to the customer.  When your employees are happy they […]

Volunteer Even If Your Time Is Limited

Do you want to volunteer your services, but feel the time you have available to devote to volunteering is too short to make a difference?  Even if you can contribute a limited amount of time to volunteering you can still make a worthwhile contribution. Think back to people in your life who have made an […]

Tips For Empty Nesters

When your children are grown and have left your home it is time for you to make some changes too.  You no longer need to consider meals that will please the palates of an entire family.  This is the perfect time to experiment with new recipes the young people in the family would not like. […]

Support Groups Help Binge Eaters Recover

Binge eating is also known as compulsive eating.  It is a condition where someone eats far too much food.  When they start eating they are not capable of determining when to stop.  Usually the eating is done in private and consists of all types of foods which are not healthy, but they are high in […]

Senior Dating

There are thousands, probably millions, of senior citizens worldwide who are looking for possible mates.  Many of these seniors were in a committed relationship for years and now find themselves alone and lonely.  They are looking for someone with whom to share their life. Some of these seniors may meet a person of interest at […]