Archives for May 2017

Grow Your Business By Networking

If you want to grow your business you need to do some networking.  All businesses run on relationships.  If you plan to grow your business you need to develop and nurture relationships with individuals who can become potential clients. How do you begin to attract these new clients to your business?  You start by letting […]

Gourmet Coffee

In recent years coffee has become even more popular.  Most people don’t go into a coffee shop and order a cup of plain coffee.  Instead they go into a coffee shop and order gourmet or specialty coffee.  If they are not going into a coffee shop, many people will brew specialty coffee at home since […]

Does Your Relationship Need Help?

No relationship is perfect.  A relationship is two individuals who are bringing their own unique qualities together.  Neither person in the relationship is perfect and for a relationship to work it takes not only love bur understanding and effort.  Each person in the relationship will have to engage in some give and take. If you […]

Birthstone Jewelry

There are twelve months in each year and each month has a different crystal jewelry color for its birthstone.  If you want to know what color stone will match your birthday month you will find the birthstones for each month listed   January – The Garnet is the birthstone for the first month of the […]

Fashion Tips For Obese Women

There are many people world-wide living with a weight problem.  Just because you are a larger woman does not mean you need to wear shapeless dresses or stretch pants.  You do not need to give up style simply because you are a plus size person. Full figured women can be very attractive. Your appearance is […]

Credit Repair And Credit Card Debt

If your credit is not what it should be now is the time to take control of your financial life.  If you think you don’t need to have good credit because you already have your mortgage and a great car, think again.  Do you realize that if you have poor credit you will be paying […]

Clear Clutter For A Cozy Home

Do you become stressed the minute you open the door into your home?  Do you waste precious time hunting for things like your car keys?  Do you spend extra money purchasing duplicate items because you cannot find the one you have at home? Here are a few tips that can help you control your clutter […]

Children Need After School Activities

You may think that children have enough activities with their class learning and sports activities in school.  This obviously is not the case.  More and more after school programs are becoming popular so there is obviously a need for them.  Many of these programs are booked to capacity. The leading reason for the popularity of […]

Affirmation And The Law Of Attraction

To affirm means to show or express strong belief or dedication to something.  An affirmation is a positive assertion. If you plan to use the law of attraction to your advantage you will need to use affirmations in order to attract what you desire.  Affirmations will help alter your inner mind and create a new […]