Archives for August 2017

The Green-Eyed Monster – Jealousy

The one main reason for jealousy is insecurity.  The person who is experiencing jealousy may feel that they are not good enough for their partner. This insecure person feels that their partner cannot possibly love them as much as they love the partner. Once you have convinced yourself that you are unworthy of your partner’s […]

Forget Excuses – Time To Get Rid Of Clutter

Many of us hold onto clutter and we have various excuses why we retain this stuff.  We know having too much stuff is a real problem.  Unwanted and unneeded stuff takes up lots of storage space that could be put to a better use.  We all have various reasons why we hold onto stuff. Some […]

Taking Care Of Your Collectible Dolls

Many people collect dolls for their beauty and historical value.  Dolls are not just playthings for little girls. Collecting dolls is popular with many adults.   Any doll can be a collectible doll if it is valued and loved.  A collectible doll may be a china doll, a French bisque doll, a cloth doll or even […]

Tips On Abdominal Exercises Obese People Can Do

  When we look at athletes and movie stars who are fit we think how nice it would be to have tight abs.  When people think about exercising for tight abs the exercises that come to mind are sit ups and crunches. If you are obese it does not matter how strong your abdominal muscles […]