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Seal Your Concrete Garage Floor 

You know that the concrete floor in your garage is exposed to all sorts of harmful materials which cause corrosion and deterioration of the floor.  These harmful materials can be attributed to the road salt, oil and other automotive fluids that come in contact with the garage floor.  You want to protect your garage floor from stains and […]

Scrapbooking Preserves Memories 

Many people realize there were few pictures taken when they were young and now they want to preserve pictures and memories for their children and grandchildren.  Families today are spread out all over the country, in fact all over the world.  One way to keep everyone up to date on what is going on in your life is to keep scrapbooks […]


More and more people are being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.  This is a serious problem and the disease is potentially life threatening.  Type II Diabetes usually is a problem as one ages.  However, in recent years an increasing number of younger people are developing type II diabetes.  Pre-diabetes is a condition where the blood […]

Teach Your Child Some Manners 

Teaching your child to have good manners is very important.  You want to start with a few basic manners when the child is still young, but old enough to understand what you are saying.  Children learn by example.  They will do what they see their parents doing.  So, if you are demonstrating good manners then […]

Sports Memorabilia 

Collecting sports memorabilia and sports related items is very popular with sports enthusiasts.  Collectors purchase everything from signed commemorative photos, baseballs, basketballs, footballs, jerseys and pucks.  If you go online and research companies selling these products you will find there are more than 4 million businesses.  Fraud is sure to appear when you have so […]


Sudoku is a puzzle craze that has become increasingly popular over recent years. Some people have referred to Sudoku as the new Rubix Cube.  The Rubix Cube was a six-sided and six-colored puzzle cube which was popular during the 1980s.  Trying to solve the puzzle was very challenging and many people were unable to find the solution.  The Sudoku game is not new.  […]

Teak Furniture 

Teak outdoor furniture is made from the teak tree which is found in the tropical region of Javanese.  Environmental harvesting is practiced by most of the farms from which companies that build teak furniture purchase their wood.  This means that the cut trees are replaced by newly planted trees.  By replanting the trees, the teak trees will […]

Some Tips For Your Thanksgiving Dinner 

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in many ways.  In the United States it is a day to give thanks for all the things that are important to us and for all the things for which we are grateful.   For many it is a time to enjoy a delicious dinner in the afternoon or evening and enjoy the company of family, […]

Some Reasons Why Green Tea Is Good For You 

The Chinese have been drinking green tea for thousands of years.  They use the tea for treating various types of illnesses. It is believed the green tea is linked to longevity and the Chinese do have the highest rate of people living over the age of one hundred.  Drinking green tea has now become popular throughout the rest of the […]

Play Games To Keep Your Mind Alert 

Have you ever had a “senior moment”?  If not, just wait because you will experience it at some time.  A senior moment is when you have done something dumb like forgetting where you put your car keys or spending time searching for sunglasses perched atop your head.  These scenarios can be entertaining, but they can also indicate […]