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Meatloaf Recipes 

There are lots of meatloaf recipes, some are fancy and other are plain.  Here is a sampling of some meatloaf recipes.  Basic Meatloaf  1 ½ lb. ground beef 1/4 teas salt  ¼ cup uncooked quick oats 1 1/2 teas pepper  2 eggs, beaten 1 cup tomato sauce*  ¼ c chopped onion  *Note: If you use tomato sauce that […]

Baked Ham with Raspberry Glaze 

If you want to prepare a meal that looks like you went to a good deal of effort, but the preparation was simple and easy, try this recipe featuring raspberry glazed ham.  You can continue the simplicity of preparing the meal by adding potatoes baked in the oven along with the ham.  Start your meal […]

Vegetable Casserole Dishes 

Here are a few recipes that are not very hard to make.  You assemble the ingredients in a casserole dish and bake in the oven.  Scalloped Zucchini  2 small zucchinis. peeled and diced 1 egg  ¼ cup whole milk1 oz pepper cheese  1 small onion, chopped 1-2 slices bread torn into small pieces  4 oz fresh or canned, […]

Roast Leg of Lamb 

Leg of lamb is a delicate, tender meat.  Many people have never enjoyed this particular type of meat, but once they have tried the lamb they enjoy it.  Here is a recipe for roasting a leg of lamb.  There are also a few suggestions for side dishes you may want to prepare to go with the leg of […]

Simple Desserts That Do Not Require Baking 

Dirt Cake  1 package Oreo cookies 12 oz1 cup 10X sugar  2 large boxes instant vanilla pudding 1 teas vanilla  8 oz cream cheese, softened 16 oz container cool whip  3 cups milk for instant pudding New, clean flowerpot  Crush Oreos and set aside.  Cookies should be crushed so they resemble dirt.  Add milk to […]

Summertime Recipes 

When the weather turns warm we are looking for recipes that are a little lighter and are easy to prepare.    Here are a few suggestions for some delicious warm weather foods you might like to try.  Big, sweet, juicy cherries are plentiful in the produce section of your favorite store.  Cherries can be added to […]

Instant Pot 

Are you someone who would like to put a delicious healthy meal on the table in a short time?  Would you like to prepare an inexpensive roast, and have it taste tender with lots of flavor?  If you answered yes to these questions, then an instant pot might be just the product you need.  The instant pot […]

Teenage Dating 

If you thought it was a challenge raising a toddler; compared to raising a dating teenager raising a toddler was a piece of cake.  You want to determine what you can do to help your teenager stay safe while dating.  You know that if you come on too strong with your teenager he or she will […]

Tips for a Successful Yard Sale 

Every weekend during the Spring and Summer lots of people enjoy scouring yard sales, estate sales and garage sales looking for that special something they want or need.  This means that those who have items they want to sell have a perfect opportunity to make some extra money.  When you plan to hold one of […]

Relief for Back Pain

Back pain can put your life on hold.  When your back is painful it’s normal to feel stress.  Your back pain may have come from an injury, from moving your back in a way it is not used to, from moving something heavy, from not warming up before playing sports, you may have fallen or […]