5 Annoying Female Health Issues – How To Alleviate Them

PCOS female clinician counseling young woman

It’s enough to worry about the serious health problems such as cancer, kidney or heart problems. We know with a serious health problem we need the expert guidance of a health care professional.

There are other minor health problems which women experience. These nuisance health problems may not require a trip to the medical office. You may be able to take care of these minor issues yourself.

Some annoying health issues you may be able to handle on your own include:

  1. Cold Sores – You look in the mirror and discover you have developed an ugly blister like bump on your lip. Cold sores are caused by a virus know as the herpes simplex virus. Cold sores will often occur when you are experiencing a hormone imbalance or are under physical or mental stress.

If you put ice on the cold sore as soon as you feel its tingling start you may reduce or delay the cold sore. Taking lysine will help to heal a cold sore. Eat foods like dairy products and meat which are high in lysine. Taking supplements of between 1,000 milligrams and 3,000 milligrams of lysine will help with healing.

  1. Fluid Retention – There may be times when you are feeling bloated and puffy because of water retention. This often is a problem for women who suffer with high blood pressure or are taking birth control pills or have a hormonal imbalance. Many women will retain fluid around the time of the period each month.


To flush out some of the excess fluid you might try drinking some green tea or dandelion leaf tea. Both of theses teas act as a diuretic. Increase the amount of water you are drinking as this will help flush your body. Avoid using salt if you are retaining fluid.

  1. Blisters – If your beautiful new high heeled pumps have rubbed a blister on your heel while you are trying to break them in you know how painful this can be. Instead of looking great in your new shoes you are limping along.

If you put a Band-Aid on the blister the shoe can rub it off. Instead cover the blister with a gauze pad and then cover the pad with wide tape.

  1. Insomnia – When you go to bed and then toss and turn because you cannot fall asleep it makes for a miserable night. Then the following day you will feel sluggish and grouchy.

Sometimes we cannot sleep because our mind is thinking of things we need to accomplish. If you mind is racing try writing down a to do list. This may help clear your mind.

If you cannot fall asleep after being in bed for awhile get up and read a book or work a crossword puzzle. Try taking a warm bath. Turn off a computer or TV in the bedroom since the blue light from these electronics can interfere with the hormone melatonin which helps us sleep. You should probably not drink anything with caffeine in the afternoon. Participating in some form of exercise will help you sleep better. Ideally the exercises will be completed several hours before you plan to retire to bed,

  1. PMS – You feel rotten. You are weepy and irritable. You may feel bloated or have tender breasts. You may crave foods or you may feel depressed. You may feel tired and may have trouble sleeping. Welcome to PMS. As part of their monthly cycle the majority of women experience one or more of the miseries of PMS.

To help minimize symptoms of PMS try increasing your exercise. If you are feeling anxious or depressed try increasing vitamin B and calcium. Reduce your intake of caffeine, sugar, salt and alcohol.