5 Myths About Astrology


  1. Astrology can predict the future.

In fact, astrology can point out possibilities which may come in the future.  It may provide some guidance and insight, but it cannot actually predict the future. It is up to you to determine your path taking into account the guidance provided by astrology.


  1. The full moon is magical for romance.

Not so.  Full moons do not necessarily mean an evening of romance.  In fact, during a full moon emotions often run higher and this may or may not be a good thing.  Often not very pleasant things happen under the full moon.

  1. Sun signs predict the perfect mate for you

There are signs which work well together and if the charts show compatibility you may feel the other person is meant for you.  This may work well in some cases.  Some couples will do better with a little tension in the relationship so it is not wise to choose a mate solely on the strength of compatible Sun signs.  There really are no ideal matches there are just matches that thrive and are solid and happy whether or not they are completely compatible on the charts.


  1. Astrology can advise you of the best place to reside

Since the best place to live does not mean the same thing to everyone the best place to live suggested by astrology may not be a place you want to live.  For example the charts may suggest someplace near the beach but you do not like the water.  Or perhaps it feels the best place for you is an urban area while you prefer a rural setting.  Astrology can help you locate places that will be good for you, but you will need to decide if this is where you want to reside.  Keep in mind that no place is perfect and compromises will need to be made.

  1. Astrology is what you read in the newspaper.

Not really.  Astrology is much more than the general horoscope of coming events and possibilities printed for the masses and portraying only a tidbit of knowledge based on the general traits of each sign.  Real astrology will take many factors into consideration for each person individually such as angles, planets, and time and date of birth before offering any information.  Reading the newspaper horoscope should be considered a fun activity and not taken very seriously.