7 Tourist Attractions You Should Never Visit Alone

If  you are someone who likes to travel alone there are some places where you might want to reconsider making a solo trip.  It might be safer and more prudent if you visited with a tour group or some other people familiar with the area and its problems or dangers.

Before visiting one of these dangerous areas you should purchase a good travel insurance policy.

Here are some places you should not visit as a tourist alone:

1.  Mexico City, Mexico – Many people from the United States make the short trip across the border to vacation at the resorts in Mexico and to visit Mexico City itself.

Unfortunately, in Mexico City there are some violent crimes such as assaults and muggings.  There are even instances of kidnapping.  Because of bands of roaming gangs, women should not use public transportation at night.

2.  Lima, Peru – The unsuspecting tourist can run into danger in one of the most historic cities in Peru.  Since there are so many tourists,  criminals like to take advantage of them.  An illegal taxi driver may take a fare to an out of the way place and rob them.  Plan to use transportation approved by the establishment where you are staying.  It’s best not to travel at night.

3.  Russia – At one time you could only travel in Russia if you booked your trip through intourist and stayed at a state run hotel.  The restrictions now are not so severe.  However, even if  you are a guest in Russia it is not unheard of for a tourist to be sent back home because of paperwork problems.  This happens if an anticipated bribe is not paid.  If  you plan to travel to Russia it’s best to have a tour group leader or someone else who has local knowledge and trusted contacts.

4.  Egypt – Many tourists stayed away from Egypt a little while ago because of political turmoil.  Some tourists have now resumed travel to Egypt, but you can never know when turmoil will come up again.  It is wise to travel here with an experienced person who is familiar with the local areas.

5.  Bogotá, Columbia – This capital city of Columbia produces some of the finest coffee in the world and produces some gorgeous flowers.  For western tourists Bogotá is one of the most dangerous tourist destinations.  There are drug cartels, armed street gangs and terrorist organizations visible in Bogotá.  Western tourists are considered good targets.  Kidnapping is still a problem event though the instances of attacks have decreased in number.

6.  New Delhi, India – New Delhi is a commerce center in India and hosts both tourists and business people.  It has a problem with sexual assaults being committed especially on women who are traveling alone.  Women are advised to travel in groups and have a safety plan in place.

7.  Jakarta, Indonesia – This is a layover destination for many tourists on a tropical vacation.  Jakarta has threats to tourists from kidnapping and terrorism.  Since Jakarta is located on several fault lines it is susceptible to earthquakes and tsunamis that come without warning.

Traveling can be a wonderful experience.  Before you determine where you will visit next do your homework and be sure your destination is a safe one.  This is especially important if you are going to travel alone.