8 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Attracted To You

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If you are wondering about signs that indicate someone is attracted to you check out some of the eight helpful hints for reading body language.

One way to tell if someone is attracted to you is to check out the pupils of their eyes. When there is an attraction the pupils of the eye dilate and look big. If you are in a dimly lighted room, however, the pupils may be dilated because of the low light.

When someone’s pupils are a small pinpoint size it either means they are not attracted to you or a bright light is bothering their eyes.

If a man is attracted to you he may mirror your body language. If he looks to see if you are responding to something he says or a joke he made it means he is interested in you.

If he finds a casual way to touch your hand while you are talking or accidentally brush your arm he is attracted to you.

scientists-say-this-surprising-trait-could-make-men-more-attractive-to-womenA man may tell if a woman is attracted to him by watching where she looks after they have made eye contact. If you make eye contact with her and she looks down it indicates she has an interest in you. If she looks to the side it means she is not sure she wants to get to know you. If she looks up she is indicating she is not interested in you at all.

A woman can tell if a man is attracted to her in much the same way by noticing where he looks after eye contact. If he is a beta or omega type male he will give off pretty much the same signals as the female. An alpha male , however, when he is interested in you will hold the eye contact until you look away Whether it’s an alpha male or a more gentle type male if he is not interested in you he probably will not even notice you at all.

When someone is interested in you he will make a point of coming into your area and engaging in some conversation. This person will look for an excuse to talk with you and get your attention.

If someone is attracted to you he will listen to and remember what you say. He will ask questions and show interest in who you are and what you like.

If someone is attracted to you he may act a little different around you. He or she may seem a little self conscious or flustered or he or she may even blush. Compare how this person acts when he is just around his own friends.

If he makes a point of paying attention to your appearance and compliments you about it he is attracted to you.