A Few Budget Ideas For Going Out


You do not need to spend a fortune to go out for some entertainment and enjoyment. There are ways you can enjoy going out and not spend a great deal of money.

If you enjoy eating out try having either breakfast or lunch in a restaurant. Either meal is much less expensive then having dinner out.

You canfid deals for eating out at social coupon services like Groupon. Some restaurants put coupons in the paper. Some restaurants have programs where you can sign up and receive discounts.

You can go to dinner and have only an entrée. Skip the appetizer and dessert. You might share one entrée and one appetizer or dessert between two people. Instead of buying a soft drink or tea have water to drink. Have an alcoholic beverage at home either before or after your meal.

If you like to attend ballgames it is much less expensive to attend minor league games instead of major league games. Watch the major league games at home on TV. The minor league games can be a great deal of fun to attend.

Check out discount tickets for musical events. You can enjoy some newer groups at various coffee shops or bars. You can also find free musical entertainment during the spring and summer months at street festivals and in various parks.

If you enjoy going to the movies try going to the afternoon viewing which will be cheaper then attending the same show in the evening. There are cheaper theatres which show slightly older and sometimes very old classic movies at reduced prices.

Some cities and towns show free movies outdoors during the warmer months.



If you enjoy walking or hiking you can visit parks or trails for little or no charge. You might enjoy strolling through some flower gardens or a garden center or nursery.

You can enjoy strolling through the farmer’s markets when they are in season. This won’t cost you anything unless you decide to purchase something.

If you enjoy reading in a quiet place there is always the library where you can read and relax. Libraries also have various programs and activities available.

If you live near a waterfront area take a stroll around the harbor or lake and enjoy the sights.

During good weather street festivals are a fun inexpensive way to spend a day.

Perhaps you enjoy browsing a flea market or in antique shops. It costs nothing just

to look.

Some areas have low cost public swimming pools. This is a fun inexpensive way to spend a day.

Amateur night at a comedy venue can be an inexpensive way to enjoy an evening if you like to watch comedy.

Attending a play by amateur groups is another inexpensive form of entertainment.

These are just a few examples of ways you can enjoy some entertainment while not spending very much money and staying within your budget.